What You Need To Know About Bank Teller Assignments

Most mystery shoppers have completed a bank teller assignment or has at least come across them on the job boards. Whether you have completed a few bank teller assignments or have passed them all by, there is some confusion with most mystery shoppers about what is required for these assignments in general.

Who Do You Bank With? One of the most confusing aspects of a bank teller assignment is if you have to have an open account with that bank or not. The fact is that this confusion abounds because there are two types of bank teller assignments available. Some assignments do require you to have an open account with that bank while other bank teller assignments do not require an open account to perform the assignment. If you have a question about what is required, simply read the fine print on the assignment before you request it.

When You Have An Account With The Bank. Bank teller assignments are fairly straightforward for the most part. Many require you to interact with the bank teller in a manner that typically only takes up a short amount of time. For instance, you may need to check your account balance, ask a quick question about one of your recent transactions, or cash a check. These assignments generally can be done very quickly, and the report can often be completed fast, too. For those mystery shoppers who find one of these assignments and have an account already open with that bank, these assignments are usually a great way to make some easy mystery shopping cash.

When You Don’t Have An Account With The Bank. Some mystery shoppers open up an account with a bank simply to do these assignments. In most cases, the time it takes to open a new account with a bank may not be worth the small pay you receive to do a bank teller assignment. However, if a bank is running a special that gives you a cash gift or other gift to open a new account, this may be an added bonus for you.

Because some assignments require a mystery shopper to have an account, many mystery shoppers have been trained to pass over all bank assignments where they don’t bank at. If this is you, you should get back into the habit of reading the fine print on an assignment because there are many bank teller assignments that do not require you to have an open account with that bank to do the assignment. Some of these assignments can be completed by simply asking for a currency exchange such as replacing a torn bill, getting special coins such as a Silver Dollar, or cashing a check. Just be sure that whatever transaction you are asking for is not a dead giveaway that you are a mystery shopping. Cashing a check for a bank that is located just two blocks down the street may be a quick giveaway to the bank teller that something is up with your visit to that branch location.

The bottom line is that you should definitely give bank teller assignments a second look, regardless of if you have an open account with that bank or not. For many mystery shoppers, bank teller assignments are a fast and easy way to make some cash as a mystery shopper.