Top Strategies For Becoming A Better Mystery Shopper (and Earning More Money!)

The rough economic times have many mystery shoppers clamoring to find more time to complete extra mystery shopping assignments. Some mystery shoppers need the extra cash additional assignments  provide just to make ends meet, while other mystery shoppers are simply looking for ways to line their pockets to save extra for a rainy day. The problem, of course, often lies in find extra time to complete extra assignments. The good news is that are some easy changes you can make that will help you become a better mystery shopper while also freeing up some time for you to work on those much needed extra assignments!

Keep Distractions To A Minimum. There is no denying that mystery shoppers are usually very busy people. Mystery shopping attracts a variety of people to the job, from college students and stay at home moms to folks who already have a full-time job elsewhere and have latched onto mystery shopping as a second part-time job. To be a great mystery shopper, you need to have a solid ability to pay attention to detail throughout the assignment, from reviewing the assignment requirements and completing the site visit clear through to writing your report. If your mind is distracted with other things, you may find that it takes you longer than necessary to complete the assignment. Or you may be making careless mistakes that will cost you time later when your scheduler asks you to correct your errors. Be sure you complete the assignment accurately and quickly the first time around by keeping outside distractions to a minimum.

Review Your Report. The report you send to your scheduler is typically the only feedback your scheduler will get from you on your site visit. Even if your site visit was a bit rough around the edges and wasn’t exactly your best work, your scheduler won’t know about it unless you write a shoddy report. Keep your image with your provider sparkling by taking the time to double check and proofread your report at least once or twice before you click the “send” button. Check for typos, grammar, and clarity, and take the time to correct what needs to be fixed. It may seem to the contrary to spend extra time tweaking your reports when you are trying to cram in extra assignments into your already tight schedule. However, when  you consider the amount of time it will take you down the road to go back and forth with your scheduler if he or she asks you to make revisions to the report,  you can see that it is far better to take a few extra minutes now than to risk having to take additional time later on to make revisions.

Live Without Clutter. For most people, there is a certain level of clutter that you can live with and then there is a point where that clutter begins to stress you out. For some people, that tipping point may be having just one or two papers out of order on their desk while for others it may take far more to reach that tipping point. Regardless of where your tipping point, there is no denying that it takes up valuable time searching for papers amidst a mess. Consider how many times in the past few months you have been searching for a missing receipt, assignment requirements, or other mystery shopping paperwork. If your answer to this question is more than once,  your clutter is wasting  your valuable time. Take a few minutes to de-clutter your work area. Or, if it’s needed, re-organize your work area to make it more user friendly. Once your work area is clutter-free, you will find that you are a more efficient mystery shopper who has extra time to pick up additional assignments!

With these strategies, you will find yourself with more time on your hands to complete those much-needed extra assignments.