Steps You Should Take Before Each Site Visit

Many mystery shoppers are looking for a way to get by providing the minimum level of service in a way that doesn’t affect their paycheck or their shopper rating. While this may sound like a lazy person’s solution to earning a paycheck, the fact is that with the low amount of pay on many assignments, most mystery shoppers simply don’t want to put more time and effort into an assignment than they need to. However, there are some steps you simply must take before each assignment to ensure you meet your job requirements and perform the job that is required of here. Here’s what you need to know:

Date and Time. A few days before your site visit, double check the date and time that the site visit should be performed, and be sure this information is recorded on schedule or daily planner. Most assignments are very strict about the site visit being conducted within a certain date or time frame, so the last thing you want to do is to overlook or forget this critical information. If you feel to meet this requirement, you run the risk of not getting paid for your assignment. Plus, your shopper rating may get dinged, which would affect your ability to get future jobs.

Location. If your assignment is at a chain store, you want to make an effort to verify the location of the site visit. Many chain restaurants and even department stores have multiple locations in a city. Some may even have locations just a few blocks away. So when you initially look at the address of a certain restaurant or coffee shop, for instance, you may think you know right where it is by looking at the street name. However, take a moment to map the location, and you may find that the location you should be visiting is a few blocks away or more! You must make sure you shop at the right location or you certainly will not get paid for your efforts.

On-Site Requirements. The day of your visit, take some time to read through the requirements and ensure you understand them. It often helps to visualize how you will perform the site visit, such as visiting the restrooms when you first walk in, then walking through the store, and finishing up with your required visit. Many times, your visualization will be more detailed than this, but generally speaking, visualizing your walk-through will help to ensure that you don’t forget any requirements. Make plans to review the requirements several hours ahead of time so you have time to contact the scheduler about any questions you have before you head out for the site visit.

With the low pay of most mystery shopping assignments, you certainly don’t want to put more effort into each assignment than is necessary because you will be eating up valuable time without getting compensated for your extra effort. However, you do need to make an effort to follow the steps listed here to ensure that your site visit goes off without a hitch!