Spring Cleaning Tips For A Mystery Shopper’s Home Office

With the icy grips of winter finally melting away and warmer weather bringing spring blooms outside, the last place you want to be is stuck indoors cleaning out a musty old office. But this time of year inevitably reminds us that now is a great time to clean out the old clutter and mess and treat yourself to a fresh, clean work area.

De-Clutter to De-Stress. Clutter in your workplace inevitably leads to stress. And when you work at home like mystery shoppers do, that work-related stress can very easily carry over to stress in your personal life. Spend some time going through that huge stack of papers that’s been growing by the week on your desk. Get out your file folders, stacking bins, and a paper shredder, and commit some time to organizing your desk. There’s no need to make this a dreadful experience. Turn on your favorite music and crack a window open to let in some of that fresh, spring air. Then get crackin’!

There’a A Re-Org Planned! In most companies, a re-organization is a feared event. But in your home office, you will benefit from re-organizing your work space. Find an organizational system that works for you. If your tendency is to stack papers, get some stacking bins to add some order to your stacking system. If you are a stuffer, constantly stuffing papers into the same giant folder, get a hanging file system. Organize the system for “To Be Filed”, “Assignments To Be Completed”, “Waiting For Payment”, or any other categories that work for your needs.

Help Out The Economy With Major Purchases. If your old office equipment has been the source of stress and headaches for your for months, and you’ve been putting off replacing it, now may be the perfect time. Currently, there are great sales on office equipment (as well as office supplies and essentials). If you’ve been putting off buying these items out of fear for the economy, or hoping for even lower prices, now may be the ideal time. There has been recent talk of an economic recovery beginning in just a few months, and with this talk, some retailers may not be tempted to reduce prices much more than they are now. So go ahead and splurge on that new printer or new digital camera you’ve been wanting. Not only will you help cure that nagging headache your old equipment has been giving you for months, but you’ll also help out the economy with your purchase!

There is not a more stressful and annoying way to work than with a cluttered, messy office, and now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning. After you spend a little while spring-cleaning and updating your home office work area, you can breathe in deeply and relax, knowing you will have a work area that is stress-free and organized for your next work assignments!