Save Time and Make More Money Mystery Shopping With These Hot Organization Tips

One of the many benefits of mystery shopping is that it is the perfect job for busy people. Everyone from stay-at-home moms to students to people with full-time jobs looking to make some extra cash on the side can benefit from the flexible hours mystery shopping provides. Yet with mystery shopping attracting such busy people to the job, it’s no surprise that many mystery shoppers are in need of some organization in their lives. When you take some time to get organized, you will find that you have more time on your hands, giving you time to make even more money as a mystery shopper!

Stay On Top Of The Paperwork. If you print out every single page of paperwork associated with each assignment you do, you can quickly become overwhelmed by stacks of paper. First, print out only the paperwork you truly need. If you can just as easily bookmark the page online and read the page digitally, you will save yourself a huge paperwork-induced headache down the road. Then for those papers that you do need, use paperclips, binder clips, folders, and any other office supplies necessary to keep the papers in neat stacks. Consider organizing the paper in chronological order based on the date of the assignment, so you can quickly grab the stack of papers you need for that day rather than sift through piles of paperwork for assignments scheduled several days out.

After The Job Is Done. Whether you’ve printed out just a few papers for the job, or you are one of those mystery shoppers who really needs all of the paperwork printed out, you will likely find yourself with stacks of paperwork sitting on your desk from assignments you have already completed. These papers inevitably will get mixed up with other papers on your desk, and can be a real drain on your time. Set up a filing system in your home work area. A great idea for organizing these papers includes a separate file for assignments where you are awaiting payment as well as a file for assignments where you’ve received payment.

Find A Rhythm. One of the things many mystery shoppers enjoy about the job is that each new day is different. You don’t simply drive to your 9-to-5 desk job and stare at a computer screen until 5 o’clock rolls around. Instead, each new day offers new experiences. While many people thrive in finding new adventures waiting for them every day, this type of work atmosphere can also cause you to be inefficient. Routine often breeds efficiency, which equals saved time and money to a mystery shopper. So while each new day will be different, try to organize your day into sections. At one part of every day, plan to peruse the job boards. At another time of the day, plan to head out and perform assignments. For yet another section of the day, sit down and work on your reports for the day. Not every day will turn out like this, but when you strive for routine and structure to your day, you will find that this organization to your routine lends itself to a more efficient (and profitable) use of your time.

Every mystery shopper will find a unique organizational system that works well for him or her. Use these tips as a starting point for organizing he day-to-day aspect of your mystery shopping life!