Make Plans To Relax With A Regular Break From Mystery Shopping

With almost every type of job, you work a few days and take a few days off. Occasionally you may have to work over a weekend to complete a project at the office, but for the vast majority of workers, a constant seven day work week is simply unthinkable. With the breaks you get from working, you can complete tasks around the house, run personal errands, and spend time with friends and family. In addition, you get that much needed mind break from the day to day tasks of your job, giving you a fresh start and a clear mind that enables you to perform your job better once you return to work.

Mystery shoppers, however, tend to work as many assignments as they feasibly can in an effort to make the most money possible. While mystery shopping offers a large degree of job flexibility, to make the most money as possible, a mystery shopper must take the assignments at the dates and times offered. The end result is that many mystery shoppers end up working nearly every day of the week to make more money.

Take A Break! These mystery shoppers that work almost daily and even on weekends may take a break from time to time, perhaps to tend to personal matters or simply for a short break from the job. However, to be at your peak performance level as a mystery shopper and to approach each assignment with a clear mind and plenty of energy, you should make plans to take a regular break from mystery shopping. Weekends tend to be a busy time for mystery shoppers, so you may want to take off different days. But whether you choose to take off Monday and Tuesday, or Wednesday and Thursday, making it your goal to not accept assignments on  your scheduled and regular “days off” will reap rewards for you in the long run.

With Clarity Comes Advantages. Sure you need a clear mind to be the best mystery shopper you can be. Mystery shopper is more than just a job you go to from time to time. It is a career, and more importantly it is your own business. As a self-employed contractor, each mystery shopper is responsible for building his or her own business. A part of building your business and making the most money possible in your role as a mystery shopper comes with analyzing which providers are most cost-effective for you to work with. In other words, which providers offer assignments that pay well while at the same time demand less of your time? When you work at assignments each and every day,  you often become inundated with the details of specific assignments that you fail to see the bigger picture. With the clarity that a break gives you,  you will have the proper vantage point to clearly analyze your providers and make the right decisions for your business as a mystery shopper.

With so many benefits to taking regular breaks from mystery shopping, it only makes sense to pencil in your set “days off” and refuse to accept assignments on those days!