Love Is In The Air: Top Mystery Shopping Assignments For Valentine’s Day

The season of love is gearing up as Valentine’s Day approaches. Many people stress about creating the perfect Valentine’s Day for loved ones. Valentine’s Day extends beyond simply showing your special someone how you feel. Many people also extend warm gestures of friendship, platonic affection, and more to friends and other family members like kids, parents, and grandparents during this time. Mystery shoppers can use their assignments to save money on gifts and tokens of love and friendship this holiday season. Here are the top assignments to get your hands on this Valentine’s Day:

Grocery Stores. You only have to step foot inside your nearest grocery store to see just a few of the many items you can purchase with your expense reimbursement on a grocery store assignment this Valentine’s Day. The most obvious items are those located on the seasonal merchandise aisle, such as boxed candies, Valentine’s Day cards for the kids’ friends, and special seasonal items. Walk beyond this aisle, and you will find greeting cards for everyone from your kids and grandparents to your best friend and spouse, beautiful floral arrangements and heart-shaped balloons in the floral department, and Valentine’s-themed baked treats in the bakery. Getting more creative, you can also pick up some delicious items in the meat or seafood departments to make a romantic meal for your loved one. If you have many people to shop for this Valentine’s Day, pick up a few different grocery store assignments to cover your expenses.

General Merchandise and Discount Stores. From Big Lots and the Dollar Store to Target and Walmart, general merchandise and discount stores abound in most cities. General merchandise and discount stores carry many of the same items as grocery stores, and often will carry more seasonal merchandise. These assignments are a great place to pick up Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids’ teachers, grandparents, neighbors, and more. Consider scented candles, bubble bath and other bath products, CDs, books, and more as gifts from these stores.

Clothing Stores. Your Valentine’s Day assignments don’t have to be all about everyone else. Take some time to pick up something for yourself, too! If you have a hot night out on the town planned for Valentine’s Day, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to pick up a new outfit for your big date. Whether you’re going to an elegant restaurant, the theater, or the hottest night club in town, you can use a couple of retail assignments to cover the extra expenses of a new outfit. You can look your best as you step out on the town with retail assignments where you can pick up new shoes, jewelry, make-up, and other accessories to coordinate with your new ensemble.

Some people will argue that Valentine’s Day has become an over-commercialized holiday. While that likely has some validity to it, you likely still want to make your friends and loved ones feel special this Valentine’s Day. When you use your mystery shopping assignments to cover some of your Valentine’s Day expenses, you can enjoy making your loved ones feel special without breaking the bank!