How to Find the Best Mystery Shopping Providers to Work With

So many of the complaints that mystery shoppers have about their job stem from the providers who they are working for. Mystery shoppers commonly complain about not being paid fast enough as well as simply not being paid enough on each assignment for the time and effort involved. Some complain that their mystery shopping providers are rude to them, or sometimes they ask them to make unethical changes to their mystery shopping reports. These are just a few of the many complaints mystery shoppers have about their jobs, and most of the complaints do pertain in some way to the providers themselves.

Mystery Shopper Are In Control

The good news is that mystery shoppers are in complete control over which mystery shopping providers they work with. As a mystery shopper, you can select which providers you work with, how long you work with them, and when you are ready to stop working for them. There are literally dozens of providers that offer assignments all across the country and even internationally, too. This gives mystery shoppers plenty of options to choose from. There is never a need to feel limited by the options available or as though you are forced into working with a provider simply to earn a paycheck.

Shop Around

As a mystery shopper, you can shop around for new providers today if you aren’t thrilled with the experience you are getting with your current providers. There are a few different steps you can take to find better providers. You can certainly take the “trial and error” route, which involves randomly signing up to work for a few new companies and seeing first-hand how much you like working for them. Otherwise, you can hop online and visit the mystery shopping forum to get some feedback from other mystery shoppers. You can either browse through existing posts that talk about mystery shopping providers, or you can post specific questions and wait for a response.

Don’t Burn Bridges

If you are working with a provider who you absolutely don’t want to work with again, you have made your mind up that your relationship with that company is over. However, there is no need to turn in a two weeks’ notice when you are a mystery shopper. You can “quit” by simply avoiding signing up for new assignments with them. For providers who you are on the fence about, you can simply take a break for a few weeks while you try out a few other providers. You may find that the grass really is greener when you work with another company, or you may find that you didn’t have such a bad deal with your old provider after all!

The fact is that the providers who you choose to work for as a mystery shopping provider really can set the tone for your workday experiences. Providers can be pleasant to deal with, pay you a fair wage in a reasonable period of time, and work with you fairly when special circumstances or issues arise. On the other hand, they may provide you with the complete opposite experience. If you are not happy with your current providers, go ahead and try out a few others to see if they can provide you with a better experience.