Are Car Dealership Shops Worth Your Time?

If you are like most people, spending time talking to a car salesman is not your idea of a good time. In fact, an hour at the car dealership may rank right up there with a root canal. So when you see car dealership shops pop up in your inbox, your first inclination may be to pass up on that oh-so-enticing offer to sit in a car dealership for an afternoon. But it may actually be worth your time to give those shops a second glance. 

It’s Not Personal! When you go to a car dealership to purchase your own car, there are a lot of emotions at play. You may have found your dream car and can’t wait to take it home. But that pesky salesperson won’t give you the deal you want and frustrations build. Or perhaps on your last trip to the car dealership, you walked away with that great car, but feel you got robbed in the process. You may still be carrying around some of those sore feelings. 

The good news about a shop at a car dealership is that you absolutely won’t be making a purchase – not even fuzzy dice or a key chain. You’re not seriously considering buying a car, so all of the emotional aspects of a normal visit to the car dealership won’t be there. You can enjoy an afternoon of tire-kicking and test-driving, and in the process you may actually have a good time. Check out the latest models, and test drive cars you wouldn’t normally even consider driving – like that fancy new sports car sitting on the lot. If you’re up for a little revenge from your last visit to the car dealership, you can even give the salesperson a run for his money by testing out his product knowledge with a “fun” game of twenty questions! Who says you can’t have fun at a car dealership? 

Time Well Spent. If you get right down to business with your car dealership shop (and avoid the impulse to see how knowledgeable your salesperson really is), you can make some decent cash in a rather short amount of time. These shops typically pay significantly higher than retail or restaurant shops. Considering the major requirements of a car dealership shop can be completed within about twenty to thirty minutes of on-site work, you really aren’t spending any more time at the car dealership than you would at a retail store, and likely less time than you would with a restaurant shop. Of course, if you take your time and test drive a couple of different cars while you are there, it may take a bit longer. 

While the paperwork on these car dealership shops may ask different questions than what you are used to, they take approximately the same amount of time to complete as any other shop. So the bottom line with a car dealership shop is that you can make more money in the same amount of time as any other typical shop. 

While a car dealership shop may sound like one of the worst ways to make an extra buck, if you give this type of shop a try, you’ll find that they not only are profitable but you can also have a little fun in the process!