Working for Peanuts: How Mystery Shoppers Can Start Earning More Money Right Away

Whether you are one of those mystery shoppers who absolutely love everything about the job or you are simply doing this job because you can’t find anything better right now, you certainly want to take every opportunity possible to maximize your income potential. More often than not, mystery shoppers feel jaded about the job due to relatively low compensation. Certainly, this is not a job equivalent to brain surgery or rocket science, so you wouldn’t expect to earn the truly big bucks for it. However, most mystery shoppers would love to see their rate per assignment increase by about $5 or $10 per assignment. This modest amount of increase would pay off in dividends over the course of a year. Here are a few ideas that can help you to find that modest bump that you are looking for.

What a Difference the Right Provider Can Make

You may be aware that different providers may offer slightly different rates per assignment, but you may not feel like it is worth the effort of trying to hunt down those higher paying providers just for a few dollars. The fact is, however, that $5 extra per assignment actually is a lot of money. Consider that it may take you about an hour or so to complete an assignment. This extra bump, therefore, is the equivalent of trading in a $10 per hour job for a $15 per hour job, or a $15 per hour job for a $20 per hour job. Who wouldn’t jump at that kind of opportunity? More than that, consider if you normally complete four assignments per day, five days per week. This extra $5 per assignment equates to an extra $100 per week or over $5,000 per year.

Consider the Time Factor

Of course, not every assignment is the same, and if you are unhappy with your total take-home pay on a monthly basis, you may want to consider the time factor of your assignments. Some assignments that have a total compensation of $20 or $30 may seem like a great deal on the surface, but once you get into them, you may realize that these assignments are taking you several hours to complete. Is it better to complete a single $15 assignment in an hour and have extra time to work on other assignments, or do you want to spend your entire afternoon working on that one higher-paying assignment? When you get into the habit of trying to estimate how long the assignment will take you to complete and calculating the approximate rate per hour, you will be able more easily determine which assignments are the best ones for you to spend your time on.

These are just a couple of the steps that you can take to boost your income. Factors related to how long you spend on your site visits or reports, if you are writing off all of your tax deductions and more will also play a role in your income. Consider these points carefully, and make a few changes today. You may notice an increase in your income almost immediately.