Why Your Mystery Shopper Rating Matters

If you are a new mystery shopper, you are likely struggling to learn the ropes and find your way through your first few mystery shopping assignments.  This is a unique type of job that does not require experience, but it also does not provide any training. You are generally required to learn the ropes as you go. Much of what you need to know to complete your first few mystery shopping assignments can be found in your assignment requirements. However, one of the things that often remains a mystery for mystery shoppers is the importance of the mystery shopper rating.

What Is a Mystery Shopper Rating?

Your mystery shopper rating is a running compilation or average of all the scores that you have received on your previous mystery shopping assignments. The rating is specific to each provider that you work with. So you may have a rating of 9 with one provider and 6 with another. It is determined by how well you completed your assignments with your providers including factors like your writing skills, your timeliness and more. Your rating can range from 1 to 10 with most providers, with 10 being the highest. Most providers will start new mystery shoppers off with a rating of 5, which is a neutral rating.

The Importance of Your Rating

Nobody really wants to earn a low rating on an assignment, but just how important is it to get a good rating on your assignments? The fact is that mystery shopping providers that use a rating system will often limit your ability to apply for new assignments based on your rating. For example, an assignment may only permit those shoppers with a minimum rating of 7 or 8 to apply for it. Most assignments are only available to those who have a 5 or higher. This means that if your rating falls below a certain level, you may not be permitted to take on future assignments with the provider. It is also important to note that some of the higher-paying assignments require you to have a higher rating.

If Your Rating is Low Today

It is understandable that you may not have spent much time focusing on your mystery shopper rating as you ramped up in this industry. Many new mystery shoppers damage their shopper rating, and some will need to work extra hard to raise it. Because the rating is an average and you may have only completed a few assignments, you may be able to easily improve your rating by putting your best effort toward doing a great job on your next few assignments. However, if your rating is too low, you may simply need to walk away from one provider and sign up with another provider.

The fact is that your mystery shopper rating is important for a number of reasons. Now that you understand why it is so important, you can make an effort to do your best work and ensure that you earn the highest ratings possible on all of your future mystery shopping assignments.