Why You Should Visit Your On-Line Mystery Shopping Forums Today

If you haven’t been visiting your online mystery shopping forums lately, you’re missing out! Mystery shopping forums are the perfect (and often the only) location where you can network with your fellow mystery shoppers. With other types of jobs, you can “talk shop” with your co-workers at the office or at business functions, but as a mystery shopper, you very rarely, if ever, run into mystery shoppers in your day to day routine. You may think knowing your fellow mystery shoppers is not important, but this is anything but true!

Compare Paychecks. One of the most popular subjects on mystery shopping forums is discussing pay for various assignments and with different mystery shopping providers. Are you being paid too little, too slowly, or not at all? Mystery shopping forums give you the perfect outlet to discuss how much you are earning for various types of assignments, the work involved for the pay, which providers pay better, and what part of the country you are in. You can learn which providers are slow payers and which ones will dock your pay for seemingly silly reasons.

Compare Your Battle Scars. Every mystery shopper has a battle story or two tucked away. Perhaps it was a major blow-up with a scheduler, or maybe your cover got blown on the job site. There could have been literally any number of things that could happen. On mystery shopping forums, you can vent about your own mystery shopping experiences. You can also read about other mystery shoppers’ experiences so you can plan ahead for similar situations you may run into.

Got A Question? There isn’t a manual for mystery shopping. Most mystery shoppers learn on the fly through completing various assignments. So while it’s fair to say that seasoned mystery shoppers know the ropes of mystery shopping better than a novice, every mystery shopper has questions from time to time. Whether you need help answering a report question, you are having issues with your scheduler, or any number of other things, you can get helpful advice and feedback from your fellow mystery shoppers on the on-line forums.

Looking For Work? The on-line forums are a great place to find more assignment opportunities! You can use the forums to find out which providers are offering a lot of assignments in you area (as well as which ones are paying more money!) Occasionally, mystery shopping providers will post assignments they need filled quickly or have had trouble filling on the forums as well. If you’re looking to take on an extra assignment or a few new mystery shopping providers, the on-line mystery shopping forums are a great source of information.

Mystery shopping forums are a wealth of information, giving you new advice, tips, strategies and other information. Each new day brings new information on the mystery shopping forums, so be sure to make checking the forums a part of your regular work routine!