Why Mystery Shopping is the Best Part-Time Job

If you have been looking for the perfect part-time job, you are not alone. Many people have the desire to earn a little extra money on the side, but many part-time job opportunities are simply not desirable for one reason or another. Those who have taken time to learn more about mystery shopping often make the determination that this is the best part-time job. So what is so great about mystery shopping?

Fun Work

One of the things that deters many people from applying for other part-time jobs is the type of work required at those jobs. If you absolutely need money, you certainly will take whatever job you can find. However, if you have the ability to be a bit more discerning, jobs that require you to scan groceries mindlessly all day, to deal with rude customers while working a checkout stand at a store or to flip burgers, as examples, may not be at the top of your list of things to do with your extra time. Mystery shopping, however, can be entirely fun and interesting. You can sign up to work on assignments acting as a customer at restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores, car dealerships and other similar locations. You are the customer in these situations rather than the employee.


Another factor that keeps many people from wholeheartedly applying for other types of part-time work is the time commitment they require. Many who are looking for a part-time job are busy individuals. Some may already have a full-time job, and they may not want to commit themselves to working another 15 or 20 hours per week indefinitely. Others may have family responsibilities, may be attending college classes or something else. You may want to make extra money, but you also want to make that money on your own terms. With mystery shopping, you can sign up to complete 20 assignments one week and none the next. Which assignments and how many assignments you complete is up to you. This flexibility makes the job ideal for most.

The Money

Any time you talk about applying for a job, whether you apply for the position or not ultimately boils down to the money. Of course, you want the work to be fun, and you want the work schedule to be flexible. However, if the money isn’t right, you simply won’t apply. The compensation for mystery shopping assignments can vary, and some assignments simply are not worth your time to do. However, because you can pick and choose which assignments you work on, you never have to work for less money than you want to. Further, because you are an independent contractor with this position, you can write of business miles traveled, the use of a dedicated office space as a tax deduction and more.

There certainly are plenty of opportunities for you to work on a part-time basis in any number of jobs. However, ultimately, you want to find a job that is convenient, fun and lucrative for you to spend your time working at. When you compare mystery shopping against the other options available, you will find that mystery shopping is a clear winner.