Why Mystery Shopping Is A Great Job For So Many Different People

As mystery shoppers get more involved in their new job as a mystery shopper, the thrill of working undercover soon turns to disillusion as the realization of hard work and fairly average pay sets in. Some mystery shoppers soon decide this job is not for them. Yet many others decide to keep working at the job and turn to it for a longterm career option.

Mystery shopping is ideally suited for so many different people. The flexibility of choosing which hours and days you want to work, as well as working more or less during certain times of the year without the hassle of revising your work schedule with your boss, and even bringing kids and your spouse along on your job all make mystery shopping a popular job. With these benefits, mystery shopping is well-suited for students, retirees, stay-at-home moms, working professionals in need of supplemental income, and more. While mystery shopping is largely a part-time job, some devoted mystery shoppers have turned this into a full-time job.

Often new mystery shoppers complain that they could make as much money working in retail or fast food as they make as a mystery shopper. While this may be at least partly true, most retail and other traditional part-time jobs don’t offer the same flexibility as mystery shopper, making them ill-suited for the many types of people drawn to mystery shopping.

While the take-home pay of a mystery shopper may seem at face value to be equivalent to that of any other typical part-time job, there are a number of hidden benefits that you can enjoy from mystery shopping. For instance, you can write off all business-related expenses you incur as a mystery shopper since mystery shopping is a contractor position. So you can write off your travel expenses, office supplies, and so on. Whereas with a typical hourly, part-time position in retail or another similar field, you simply receive your take-home pay. While the tax write-offs are not immediately tangible, on tax day you would see a big difference between the two jobs/

There are other perks as well. For instance, many mystery shopping assignments require you to make a small purchase and will reimburse you for that purchase. The result is “free”¬†or otherwise largely reimbursed items. Some of the items you can get reimbursed for include gas for your vehicle, groceries, clothing, movies, a meal at a restaurant, and much more. The more you work as a mystery shopper, the more perks you get!

Another bonus is that no day on the job is like any previous day before it. With each job assignment you complete and each job site you visit, you will enjoy a great change of scenery, get the chance to meet new people, and encounter new and exciting situations. If you’ve been looking for a change of pace from a cubicle or spot behind the cash register, mystery shopping is the answer.

The bottom line is that mystery shopping is not for everyone, but it definitely has its major advantages over a traditional part-time job.