Why Can’t You Get Those Mystery Shopping Assignments You Really Want?

If you are trying to get some high-paying, premium mystery shopping assignments, you are not alone. After all, if you can spend your days getting paid to lounge around hotel swimming pools and dine at fancy restaurants, why would you instead be selecting assignments at car dealerships and fast food joints? Of course, before you can enjoy the cushy life that comes with working on those premium mystery shopping assignments, first you have to find a way to get your hands on them. So why aren’t you getting those assignments you really want? Consider these points:

Your Shopper Rating

Many mystery shopping providers will rank your work by adjusting your mystery shopper rating. For each assignment you complete, you will be given a score. This score will typically be averaged with your previous assignment scores to determine your actual mystery shopper rating. This shopper rating, in large part, is used to determine which assignments you qualify for. You may not be getting those assignments you want simply because you don’t have a shopper rating high enough to qualify for them. In fact, you may not even be able to view some of the opportunities that some of the mystery shoppers with a top rating are able to see.

A Known Shopper
The fact is that some of the top mystery shopping assignments are never posted on the job boards for open requests. The top assignments are most often doled out by providers directly to their best mystery shoppers. If you have a high shopper rating and feel that you otherwise should be able to qualify for the best assignments, you may consider the fact that your providers just don’t really know who you are. You can consider volunteering to take on last-minute assignments and otherwise taking advantage of opportunities to communicate with your providers in a helpful way. Once you make yourself known, you may be offered some of these opportunities.

The Right Providers

The other option is that you simply are not working with providers that offer these top assignments. Because many of these assignments do not hit the job boards, you may simply not know if your providers even offer them. You can attempt to post a question on the mystery shopping forum websites, but many mystery shoppers who are awarded these assignments may not want to tell you about them. After all, you want to work on those assignments they love, too. So you may have to search for the right providers on your own through trial and error. This may mean signing up to work with different providers, spending time building up your rating and reputation, and then waiting to see what happens.

The fact is that the top mystery shopping assignments are not provided to those who only recently have started working for a provider, who have a low rating or who otherwise haven’t proven themselves to a provider. If you aren’t getting the assignments you want to work on most, consider working on improving these areas, and you may soon start getting those assignments that you want to spend your time working on.