When Mystery Shopping is a Drag: Spicing Up Your Workday

When you first started mystery shopping, the last thing you likely thought your new job would be is boring. Other jobs require you to sit at a desk all day or stand behind a counter, but mystery shopping allows you to spend your day shopping, dining, and more all while earning money. Your assignments take you to different locations, and there are also new sights to see and new people to meet. Yet as exciting as mystery shopping may have been at first, it is easy for the job to become a drag over time. So how can you spice up your workday as a mystery shopper?

Get Out of Town

If you have been shopping in the same city and with the same providers for a lengthy period of time, you no doubt have started working on the same assignments repeatedly. Even though several months often elapses between when you repeat assignments, over time repeating assignments can become dull. Why not head out of town and work on a few different assignments? If you have family in another city, you can schedule a week-long visit and spend time working on new assignments and visiting with family in your free time.

Bring a Friend

It’s strange how you can be with people all day long as a mystery shopper and still feel like you are all alone. Interacting with store employees on site visits certainly does not equate to a highly personal level of interaction, and so it is often easy to feel isolated and alone despite talking to a dozen different people over the course of a day. You can ask a friend, a spouse, or another family member to join you for a few assignments. You can have a great time eating at a restaurant assignment or shopping together while you work.

Do Something New

Many mystery shoppers work on the same types of assignments because most assignments do fall into the same basic categories. Most assignments are either grocery store assignments, gas station assignments, retail store assignments, or restaurant assignments. Once you’ve done a few of these in a week, the rest of the week working on the same types of assignments can get pretty dull. While these are among the most common types of assignments, there are other options available to you. Consider reviewing assignment options more carefully the next time you visit the job boards and try out a new assignment you have never worked on before. Another option is to do something entirely new with your same old assignments. For instance, consider adopting the persona of a different person and do some acting while you are on your job and interacting with store staff.

Many mystery shoppers love their job because there is always something new and different to experience. However, it is also common for mystery shoppers to fall into a comfortable rut that ultimately creates a sense of boredom. If you have been feeling less than enthused about your mystery shopping assignments lately, consider putting some of these ideas to use. You may be able to add some more zest to your workday.