What You Need To Know Before Your Next Mystery Shopping Assignment

Mystery shopping may seem like a pretty easy gig to get the hang of. After you’ve completed even a few assignments, it’s pretty easy to think you’ve got this job figured out. It’s easy to full into a rut and shift into auto-pilot mode. If you find yourself completing assignment after assignment without putting much thought into it, you may be passing up on great opportunities to take your mystery shopping job to the next level!

Be Nice To The Boss. While it’s true that mystery shoppers don’t have a traditional boss, there are in fact numerous people that you report to as a mystery shopper – your schedulers. Your schedulers hold a lot of power in their hands, deciding if you get the assignments you’ve request, adjusting your shopper rating based on your performance, and more. Essentially, these providers hold the power to give you more assignments and higher paying assignments, so it is well worth your time and effort to take extra measures to be nice and professional to them. You can get in your schedulers’ good graces by taking assignments they are having trouble filling, doing your best work on assignments, and ensuring you always complete your assignments on time. You should also ensure that all interactions with your scheduler are completely friendly and professional, even during times of high stress.

Plan Wisely. To make the most money as a mystery shopper, you need to be a master planner. Each work day should be carefully planned out to minimize travel time and maximize your time available to complete assignments. While some assignments require that you complete them on a certain day and time, other assignments provide you with a flexible window that may span several days when  you are permitted to do the site visit. Use this flexible window to plan your work days in a way that minimizes your travel time, planning to complete assignments that are located geographically close to each other on the same days.

Be Smart About Assignments. Some mystery shoppers sign up for as many assignments as they can get their hands on without paying attention to other factors which can play a part in your overall compensation. Some other important factors to consider include the bonus pay, travel expense and the amount the travel write-off will be on your taxes, expense reimbursement, the required purchase, and if a second site visit is required to complete the assignment. With so many factors playing a part in the total compensation of the assignment, simply looking at the face value of the compensation of the assignment is not an accurate way to determine how profitable an assignment will be for you. Careful consideration should be placed on each and every assignment before you request it.

It is easy for mystery shoppers to go into auto-pilot mode with their assignments, but this can be a surefire way for mystery shoppers to lose time and money. If you find yourself in the rut of simply going through the motions with mystery shopping, snap out of it with these easy steps!