What You Need To Know About Audit Assignments

If you are looking for a way to make more money as a mystery shopper, you may want to consider picking up a few audit assignments. Many mystery shoppers, especially new mystery shoppers, pass over audit assignments simply because they appear to be so drastically different from other standard mystery shopping assignments. In most areas, audit assignments are usually easy to get your hands on, and often offer approximately equal pay as your average mystery shopping assignment. Including audit assignments in your work schedule as a mystery shopper is a great way to add another dimension to your income potential. If you haven’t done an audit assignment before, here’s what you need to know to get started:

Different Kinds Of Audit Assignments. Audit assignments can generally be broken down into two different types – concealed and revealed. Concealed audit assignments are largely similar to your traditional mystery shopping assignment, with the mystery shopping conducting the assigned tasks without revealing his or her identity to the store’s staff. On the other hand, a revealed assignment requires that you make your presence known, often with a letter that you will need to give to the store manager before you begin your on-site duties. The letter will tell the store employees and manager who you are and why you are there. Many mystery shoppers find revealed audits to be a breath of fresh air, as this type of assignment takes away the worry of having your identity revealed or discovered.

The Job. Auditing assignments can truly run the gamut in terms of duties you may be assigned, but generally you will be asked to ensure that a store is complying with some company policy, government laws, or even fire and safety code. Some audits will also have you ensure that the prices shown on merchandise are listed correctly and are ringing up correctly at the cash register. Because these assignments vary so greatly, mystery shoppers should take a moment to ensure they understand the requirements and are comfortable performing the job function before requesting the assignment.

Other Aspects Of The Job. Audit assignments are unlike most other mystery shopping assignments, as they can vary greatly in the amount of time required to complete and many often require the use of additional equipment. Some audit assignment can take just a few minutes while others may span across several days. Pay attention to this aspect of the job and ensure that the pay adequately compensates you for your time and effort. Also read through the assignment requirements and pay attention to any special equipment you may be required to bring to complete the job, such as a video camera, digital camera, or other equipment. Some audit assignments are very particular about the type of equipment required for the job.

While it can sometimes be a hassle to learn a new part of a job, audit assignments can really increase your job possibilities as a mystery shopper and ultimately increase your income, too. If you haven’t considered working on these types of assignments, think again and consider the potential income you could add to your mystery shopping job by including a few audit assignments in your work schedule.