Want More Jobs? Try These Scheduling Tips for Mystery Shoppers

Some mystery shoppers are currently busier than they ever have been, taking on more and more mystery shopping assignments and racking up the bucks with each paycheck. Others, however, seem to be just barely scraping by and are not making nearly the amount of money they would like to from this job. Whether mystery shopping is your side gig or you are trying to make it as a full-time mystery shopper, there are some things that you can do to enjoy a busier work scheduler. Here are some tips:

Review Your Providers. You should start by taking a closer look at your providers. Are your providers offering you a great selection of assignments? Some providers only offer a a small number of assignments in a certain location, so unless you are willing to travel, you may need to expand your horizons a bit. Some providers are great about offering you a great selection, but if you are outside the main area where they do business, you may find that the selection is limited.

Expand Your Providers. Whether your provider just offers fewer assignments in general or they offer fewer assignments in your unique location, it truly can pay off in big ways to expand the number of providers you work with. Many mystery shoppers don’t just work with one or two providers, but rather five or ten. There is a balance here, though, as you don’t want to get buried under mounds of assignment requirements and spend your time going through job boards. Instead, you want to find that balance that allows you to find a great selection of possible assignments so that you can get out in the field making money.

Expand Your Horizons. Sometimes the problem with being to slow doesn’t have anything to do with the providers, but rather it has to do with you as a mystery shopper. Many mystery shoppers get lured into the job with the dream of performing assignments at luxury resorts, fine dining restaurants, and even cruise ships. Of course, these assignments are few and far behind, and you likely will never see these if you don’t work on other assignments between now and then. This is because often the mystery shoppers for those assignments are hand-picked based on your experience working with a provider. So in the meantime, get your hands on a variety of assignments and stay busy doing the more mundane assignments like working at grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters.

It can really be difficult for some mystery shoppers to fill up their schedules with paying assignments. Sometimes the problem is the providers you choose to work with, and sometimes the problem rests with you. Either way, once you identify the problem, you can then make some adjustments and move on with a busier and more profitable schedule. Take time today to identify just what problems are keeping you from being as busy as you would like to me, and then make the adjustments necessary to book your schedule right up!