Valentines Day Mystery Shopping Tips: Select Your Assignments Now!

Valentine’s Day is an expensive time of year. Nobody wants to disappoint a special loved one by skimping out on this most romantic of days, and so you do generally have to put forth some effort. Beyond that special loved one, even kids, siblings, parents, and others would love to have some thoughtful gesture from you on this day that celebrates love. Between buying greeting cards, flowers, meals, candies, and more, you can spend a small fortune offering even little tokens of affection to everyone special in your life!

The good news is that as a mystery shopper, you have a wonderful opportunity to use your assignments to help give your loved ones a special Valentine’s Day without emptying your wallet in the process. You do want to start looking for some of the top assignments for Valentine’s Day right away, as they are sure to be snatched up quickly this time of year. So just which assignments should you look for?

Greeting Cards. You can buy greeting cards for just about everyone in your life, including best friends, kids, siblings, grandparents, and more. These are a small token of love with a lot of meaning in them, but the cost of these cards can really add up! You can look for assignments at grocery stores, discount stores, specialty greeting card stores, big box retail stores, and more. Valentine’s cards are already out in stores, and you can buy these weeks ahead of time, so start choosing some of these assignments today.

Chocolates and Flowers. If you plan to buy boxed chocolates for anyone on your list, you will want to look for assignments at grocery stores, big box general purpose stores, and even specialty candy stores, too. Boxed chocolates can be bought a few weeks ahead of time, but of course flowers cannot. If you plan to deliver flowers to loved ones yourself, look for assignments that need to be completed on the 13th or 14th of February at places that sell live flowers like floral shops and grocery stores. If you want to give the gift of a potted plant, which is a great idea for a grandparent or parent, you can consider picking up an assignment at a home improvement or landscaping store.

Dining Out. Dining out on Valentine’s Day is often difficult to do with mystery shopping assignments. Many of the most romantic spots in town require reservations several weeks in advance, and this often means you have to make reservations before you know which assignments would be available for that particular day. If you and your loved one normally like to avoid crowds and celebrate Valentine’s Day on a day close to the 14th but not on it, you may find that you have more opportunities to pick assignments for your romantic dinner out. As an alternative, you can also look for lunch or even breakfast options so you can add more romance throughout the day.

As you can see, you can really have a lot of fun planning out great Valentine’s Day surprises for your special loved one as well as family and friends, too. Use some of these mystery shopping tips to help you earn money on your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans.