Use Mystery Shopping To Create A Great Summer For Your Family

Whether you are a stay at home parent, a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle, you have kids in your family who are out of school for the summer. There is plenty to do to keep the kids busy this summer, but if you’re not careful you can spend an arm and a leg trying to entertain the little crew. One of the great things about mystery shopping is that you can use your assignments to help make entertaining your family this summer a little more affordable. Here are some great tips on how to use mystery shopping to entertain your family with summer fun:

A Day Of Fun. There are plenty of kid-friendly venues in most cities that use mystery shopping services. Whether you are trying to enjoy a great day outdoors at the local zoo, or you want to beat the summer heat with an indoor visit to a movie theater, you can make money by working as a mystery shopper at these venues and get compensated for some of your expenses while you are there. You can also try to find assignments at many other fun attractions, such as museums, indoor play areas, theme parks, water parks, and more. As you are perusing the job boards, keep your eyes open and think creatively for how your family can have fun while you work.

Fun At Home. There’s no doubt that the kids will inevitably proclaim, “I’m bored” within hours of summer vacation actually starting. If this is the case, you can find a mystery shopping assignment at any number of general retail stores or even dollar stores to load up on supplies and activities to keep the kids busy at home and close to home. You can earn money shopping at these general stores while you get reimbursed for such items as sunblock, floaties for the neighborhood pool, bathing suits, a sprinkler for the backyard, and more.

A Summer BBQ. If you have plans for a big Fourth of July barbecue bash, or a weekend barbecue any other day, you can save big bucks on  your get-together by  using a grocery store assignment strategically. Pick up a couple of different grocery store assignments the week before your bash to load up on chips, watermelon, sodas, and anything you want to throw on the grill!

Hit The Road. You can also use mystery shopping assignments to make a short summer getaway affordable. When you find a mystery shopping provider that offers hotel assignments, you can combine your work as a mystery shopping with a great family getaway to make your trip affordable. You may not get that prime location at the most popular beach, but with so many great tourist attractions and gorgeous natural areas close to most areas, chances are you can create a great getaway with almost any hotel mystery shopping assignment!

With many households strapped for cash this summer, mystery shopping provides you with a great opportunity to earn extra cash and save money on fun activities for your family. Make some plans to beat the summer doldrums this year with a few strategic mystery shopping assignments!