Top Ways Your Job As A Mystery Shopper Makes A Difference

Mystery shoppers love to complain about the negative aspects of mystery shopping, such as low pay on many assignments and issues they have had with mystery shopping providers and schedulers. But there are also a few things that keep mystery shoppers coming back to the job boards for more assignments time and again. Sure, mystery shopping gives you a flexible work schedule that you can’t find with many other part-time or full-time jobs, but there is more to the lure of mystery shopping than that. Unlike with many other jobs, mystery shoppers know that their efforts are making a difference, giving them a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Customer Service. One of the biggest factors mystery shopping plays in the service industry is giving retailers and a variety of other companies with first-hand insight into their overall customer service. We all know that we are pretty unlikely to say positive things about a store, restaurant, or other venue when the service was below par. Mystery shoppers give retailers a unique look at their customers’ experiences . Through mystery shopping reports, company executives and managers receive the information they need to improve customer service for their customers.

Overall Experience. Mystery shoppers also report on a number of other areas outside the realm of customer service in their reports. From the quality and temperature of the food at a restaurant and cleanliness of the venue to ensuring that stores open and close at the scheduled time, mystery shoppers provide stores and other venues with the knowledge they need to give customers an overall better experience.

Improving The Bottom Line. If you’re unlikely to shop again at a dirty store, where customer service is poor, or where you have otherwise had a negative experience, other shoppers likely feel the same way. Any number of negative aspects of a shopper’s overall experience can result over time in decreasing revenue numbers for a company. Through a mystery shopper’s valuable insight on first-hand experiences at the store or venue, a mystery shopper can play an integral part in improving a store’s overall bottom line over time.

Tell The Truth. A mystery shopper plays such an important role in maintaining a company’s good customer experience or giving a company the knowledge and insight it needs to improve the customer’s experience. Because of this, it is vital for a mystery shopper to tell the truth about experiences at the site visit. Whether your experience was good or bad, or even if there was just one small area that could be improved upon, your comments in the report can guide a company to making improvements that will add revenue to its bottom line and increase its likelihood of success in the long run.

While mystery shoppers may not think about these positive effects of their time and efforts on a daily basis, many mystery shoppers have reported a great feeling after returning to a venue they previously “shopped” to find that improvements have been made for the better. We all may feel discouraged from time to time as mystery shoppers, but take heart in knowing that your efforts are making a big difference!