Top Signs That Mystery Shopping Just Isn’t Right for You

If you ask mystery shoppers if they love their job, most will tell you with a great deal of positivity and emphasis that they LOVE their job. Mystery shopper is a unique job that allows you to work from home, set your own hours, work with friends or family most of the time and more. As great as mystery shopping is for some people, it isn’t right for everyone. The fact is that mystery shopping is not a good match for some people. There are some key signs to look for that may indicate that you may be in the wrong line of work.

You Are Regularly Unhappy

One of the most important and significant signs to look for is how you feel about the job as well as how you feel after a day of work. Some people enjoy working out of the house, visiting different venues each day and juggling different assignments. Others, however, find mystery shopping to be rather monotonous or even lonely. They don’t have anyone they know to talk to while working and they cannot develop relationships with co-workers in a traditional sense. Some may not get along with their schedulers, and their providers may be a regular source of grief for them. Life is too short to be unhappy with your job, so if this is not a job that makes you happy, you can consider making a few changes with the job itself or finding a different type of job altogether.

You Are Stressed Out

Some mystery shoppers get frazzled with mystery shopping. They don’t like to work on multiple assignments in a day, to fight crowds at stores and restaurants, to battle through traffic on roadways and more. The job itself involves having to memorize assignment details and to remember details about the site visit. Then, there is the added stress of having to complete the assignment reports on time. The stress can become burdensome and can create grief in your life. You can attempt to make changes to your mystery shopping jobs, such as working on fewer assignments or completing site visits at non-peak hours.

You Aren’t Making Enough Money

If you feel as though your efforts are not being rewarded financially, you may indeed be in the wrong line of work. The fact is that mystery shopping is relatively unskilled labor. There is no training or certification required, and almost anyone who wants to mystery shop can get started almost immediately. The compensation for this type of job will rarely be high. However, there are some things you can do to make more money, such as work more efficiently, use tax deductions and expense reimbursements more effectively and more. If you have tried your hardest to be more profitable in this line of work and haven’t found success, you may need to make a switch.


The truth is that mystery shopping is a great job, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you can relate to any or all of the above statements, you may consider making a few adjustments to your work day, or it may simply be time to change jobs altogether.