Top Signs It’s Time to Find New Mystery Shopping Providers

At one time in years that have long passed by, workers would spend decades of their life with a single employer. Now, however, workers realize the benefits associated with job hopping every now and then. They may be able to enjoy greater benefits, get a higher salary and enjoy other key benefits by switching jobs periodically. As a mystery shopper, a similar outcome can be enjoyed when you switch providers periodically. However, switching providers can be a time-consuming task to complete. With this in mind, you may wonder if now is the ideal time for you to begin the process of finding new providers to work with. There are a few key signs to consider that may indicate that now is the time to make a switch.

Your Income

First, if you are not happy with your level of income as a mystery shopper, it is imperative that you take a closer look at other opportunities that may be available to you. The fact is that many providers do offer less per assignment than others. Some may require more effort on assignments that pay less overall. If you are working with one of these providers, it is possible that you are working harder and making less money than other mystery shoppers are. Switching providers may be a great way to earn more money per assignment, but you will not know how much more money you can earn unless you first make an effort to sign up and work for a few new providers.

Your Assignments

Next, you want to consider the types of assignments that you have access to and if these assignments make you happy. You cannot feasibly expect to enjoy working on every assignment that you work on, but if you find that you are regularly unhappy with the assignments that you do have access to, this may be a sign that you need to see if the grass is greener with another provider. You may discover that you can have better assignments with another provider, or you may discover that your assignments really were not quite so bad after all when you make a switch.

Your Schedule

Finally, consider your schedule as a mystery shopper. Your job satisfaction and your ability to earn a living as a mystery shopper will be affected by your schedule. More accurately, it will be affected by your ability to regularly fill up your schedule with great assignments. If you are regularly struggling to find the right assignments to work on, this may be a sign that it’s time to start looking for a new provider or two to work with.

Applying to work for a single provider can take only a few minutes of your time, but factors like finding the provider that may be best for you to work with and getting used to the new format that the provider likes can all take time. If you can relate to any of the signs outlined here, now may be the ideal time to start shopping around for a new provider.