Top Mystery Shopping Assignments to Look For This Fall

The fall months are a favorite time of year for so many people. The fall leaves take in a variety of gorgeous hues, and the cool, crisp air fills everyone with a sense of relaxed energy. As a mystery shopper, you are lucky enough to work in a job where you can really get out and enjoy the gorgeous fall backgrounds and great weather, and you do not have to be cooped up in an office all day working behind a desk. If you want to really enjoy mystery shopping during the fall months to the fullest, you will want to check out some of these fabulous assignment ideas this autumn:

Far From Home. One of the best things about mystery shopping during the fall months is that you can really enjoy seeing the vibrant hues of fall by hopping in your car and traveling far from home. During the stifling heat of summer months, you likely wanted to spend the least amount of time possible in your car, but now that the heat has broken, it is the perfect time to plan a full day on the road visiting small towns nearby or even traveling over to the next city to pick up assignments. You can check out the foliage on the road and see some spectacular autumn sites in the process.

Time Outside. Whether you are working closer to home or embracing the freedom that mystery shopping provides by hitting the road and traveling farther from home, you will definitely want to pick up a few assignments that you can work on outdoors. Consider assignments at venues like car dealerships, restaurants or coffee shops with outdoor seating, gas stations, gardening and landscaping stores, and more. Most assignments will not allow you to work completely outdoors unless you get an assignment at a mini golf shop or amusement park, but even spending some time outdoors breathing in the fresh crisp area and enjoying the smell of autumn will give you a wonderful way to earn a paycheck!

Thinking Ahead. Of course the autumn months are a sure sign that the brutally cold winter weather is just around the corner, and so now is a great time to think ahead and prepare for those colder days that are just weeks away. Consider picking up a few retail store assignments so you can stock up on all of those winter essentials your home and family needs with your required and reimbursed assignment purchases. Think about things at retail stores your family will need for the winter like slippers, jackets and gloves, wool hats, and more. You can also think ahead for the house and head to a home improvement store where you can get space heaters, fireplace tools, and more.

The fall months can be exhilarating and exciting, and as a mystery shopper you are in the perfect job to really take advantage of all that these beautiful months have to offer. Be sure to check out some of these assignments this fall so you can enjoy the great weather while it lasts and prepare for the cold of winter, too!