Top Mystery Shopping Assignments For Fall Months

As the seasons are changing this fall, the weather can be unpredictable. Fall months bring wonderfully crisp, cool air, making it a wonderful time to be outdoors on many days. The fall months can also bring very cool, and even cold, weather at times, especially in northern regions. The good news is that there are a wide variety of mystery shopping assignments that cater to all types of fall weather.

Spend Some Time Outdoors. There is nothing worse than being holed up inside on a beautiful fall day. One of the many reasons why  mystery shopping is great is because you can choose assignments that allow you to work outdoors on nice days. While you can’t always accurately know ahead of time what the weather outside will be like, many weather websites can give you a good idea of what the weather will be on a given day as far as seven to ten days out. In the fall months, it’s a great idea to check the weather forecast before you select jobs.

Some of the jobs you can enjoy outdoors are restaurants with outdoor seating, golf courses, amusement parks, and more.  Even if you can’t find assignments that put you outdoors for the entire assignment, there are other assignments where you can enjoy a partial outdoors experience. For instance, if you pick up a few assignments at an outdoor outlet mall, you can enjoy the great weather between assignments.

Cozy Up Indoors. On the fall days that look more like the dead of winter than autumn, you can still make great money as a mystery shopper with indoor assignments. When there is freezing rain or sleet, blustering northerly winds, and temps that are sure to give you goose bumps, be sure to sign up for a mystery shopping assignment where you can make yourself warm and cozy while you’re working. There is nothing better than spending a day making a few bucks watching movies with theater check assignments on bad weather days. Or pick up a coffee shop assignment or two to enjoy hot coffee or hot cocoa while you make some dough.

Planning For Bad Weather. Chances are you have a few items you need to pick up for the coming winter months. Whether you need to pick up some snow boots for the kids, a new scarf to replace the one you lost last month, or even snow chains for the car, you can get the items you need  without paying a fortune when you use your mystery shopping assignment expense reimbursements to cover some of your winter costs. Before you check for new mystery shopping jobs, make a list of the items you,  your family, and your house or car need before the winter season kicks into high gear. Then look for assignments at stores that can help you cover some of these costs.

Whether you’re looking for mystery shopping assignments to suit the great (or crummy) fall weather, or you are trying to make your winter expenses more manageable, there are mystery shopping assignments on the job boards waiting for you!