Top 3 Things Mystery Shoppers Can Do to Earn More Money

Many mystery shoppers today would love to find a way to earn more money with their assignments. However, with a limited selection of assignments to choose from on mystery shopping job boards as well as a limited amount of time to complete those assignments, earning more money seems to be an impossibility. However, there are a few different things you can do today to earn more money today and each day to come.

Sign Up with More Providers

Some mystery shoppers just cannot find enough assignments with their current providers to fill up their schedule. Other mystery shoppers are working with providers who are well-known for offering very low rates for assignments. The fact is that by signing up with a few more providers today, you will have greater access to more jobs. This allows you the ability to pick and choose your assignments more carefully, to fill up your work schedule completely, and hopefully to find a few higher paying assignments. Signing up to work with new providers is fast and easy to do, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this today.

Work More Efficiently

It is one thing to find more work to do, but it is another thing entirely to find more time to complete that work in. When you work more efficiently, you can complete more assignments in less time. You do want to ensure you don’t sacrifice on the quality of your work when you pick up the pace. Instead, consider ways to improve efficiency such as getting all of your assignments for the day done with one outing, strategically picking assignments for the day so they are located in the same general area of town, and more.

Request Additional Compensation

You can also simply ask your providers for more money on your assignments. Providers will have to be given a solid reason why they should pay you more money. If other mystery shoppers are willing and able to do the assignment for a lower rate, you will be hard-pressed to get a provider to agree to bonus pay. However, if the assignment is undesirable for whatever reason and has been sitting on the job boards for several weeks, asking for bonus pay is a great option to consider. If a provider contacts you directly and asks for assistance with an assignment, by all means, consider asking the provider for extra compensation in exchange for helping them out.

As a mystery shopper, you may enjoy the work you do, and you may look forward to heading out to complete your site visits each day. However enjoyable mystery shopping may be, though, you are still working as a mystery shopper to earn income. It can be difficult to find a way to earn more money as a mystery shopper when your time and your assignment choices are limited. However, you may be able to boost your mystery shopping income right away and for months to come by putting some of these tips into action today.