Top 3 Mystery Shopping Assignments to Look For This Spring

The air is warming up, the days are getting longer and the sweet smell of flowers is in the air. There is no denying that spring has arrived, and if you are like so many others, you may be taking advantage of every opportunity to be outside. Of course, with most jobs, workers are obligated to spend even the most beautiful of days stuck inside. As a mystery shopper, how you spend your days is largely dependent on the types of assignments that you select. If you want to take full advantage of the beautiful spring weather, you should consider keeping your eyes open for some of these hot assignments.

Lawn and Gardening Supplies Stores

This time of year, lawn and gardening supplies stores, nurseries and other related venues are hopping with activity, and some of them are also hopping with mystery shoppers working undercover. Some of these venues may be indoors or have an indoor section, but many stores that sell bushes, trees, flowers and other items do have an outdoor component. These will allow you to spend time enjoying the warmth of sunny days while you work. As a bonus, you can also browse through beautiful flowers and maybe even get some landscaping ideas for your home while you work.

Outdoor Dining Restaurants

There are numerous restaurants that have outdoor seating in most areas, and this means that there are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, ice cream shops and other related venues that may be in need of mystery shopping services. As you browse through the job boards, take note of restaurants and food service venues that have outdoor dining options, and consider snatching these up. You will love dining on a meal that may be partially or fully reimbursed while you sit outside soaking up some rays.

Car Dealerships

Many mystery shoppers try to avoid car dealership assignments whenever possible, but the fact is that many of these assignments are relatively easy and even enjoyable. Few people enjoy talking to car salespeople, but test driving new cars and cruising down the highway while you enjoy your favorite tunes on the radio and views of wildflowers on the side of the road can be truly relaxing and even fun. You may even be thinking about getting a new car in the near future, and you can use your mystery shopping assignment to get a head start on your car buying activities.

The fact is that there are numerous mystery shopping assignments that may allow you to enjoy time outdoors this spring. Of course, there is no guarantee that spring showers won’t affect some of your outdoor mystery shopping assignments. However, with so many sunny, beautiful days to enjoy in the spring, it certainly can pay off to load up on outdoor assignments right now before summer takes hold and the temperatures turn unbearably warm. As you search through the job boards in the coming weeks, keep these ideas in mind and select mystery shopping jobs that put you outdoors this spring.