Tips for New Mystery Shoppers: What You Need to Know About Signing Up With Providers

Getting started earning money as a mystery shopping can be a bit intimidating and even daunting if you don’t know which steps to follow. However, if you have a little bit of help and guidance, you will find that you can be earning money as a mystery shopper in just a matter of days! One of the first things you need to do to begin working in this fun and exciting job is to sign up with providers.

What Are Providers? You should first take a moment to understand exactly what a mystery shopping provider is. Understanding the mystery shopping provider’s role in the industry can give you a better idea of what exactly mystery shopping is all about. Companies that are in need of mystery shoppers, such as department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, and so forth, will contact mystery shopping providers to engage the services of mystery shoppers. Providers then offer these jobs to mystery shoppers through job boards on their website. In addition to offering you these jobs, they also take your report after you complete the assignment, and they pay you for your services, too. Essentially, they are the middle man between the client and you.

Finding Providers. Now that you have a better understanding about what providers actually do, your next step is to find a few providers to work for. You can get a list of legitimate providers online as the MSPA’s website. This is a free list, so don’t be duped by other companies who offer to sell this list to you. You will want to be a bit discerning about which providers you work with. Visit the mystery shoppers’ forums online and spend time going through comments posted by other mystery shoppers. By doing this, you can get a good idea about which providers pay quickly and are nice to work with.

Signing Up. Providers generally have an online application that you will need to complete in order to be approved to work with them. This is somewhat akin to a job application, so don’t be alarmed about providing your personal information like your social security number and birth date on these sites. Provided you checked out the provider first through the MSPA, you can rest assured your information is safe. In most cases, your approval on these sites will take just a few minutes, but some providers may not notify you with an approval status for a day or two.

After you have that approval from a provider, you can then begin searching their job board for assignments. Most mystery shoppers will sign up to work with about five to ten providers, and some even work with far more than that. So after you have found one provider to work with, repeat the process at least several more times so you have access to the most jobs possible. This gives you a greater variety of assignments to pick and choose from as you work in this new and exciting career.