Tips For Making More Money in a Slowing Economy

Most mystery shoppers have been affected in some way by the economic slowdown and credit crisis. Perhaps you’ve lost a large chunk of your retirement, been laid off, or lost your house. Some extra cash from mystery shopping would be wonderful right now, and for the likely difficult months ahead. There are a number of things you can do to earn more fast cash as a mystery shopper:

Look Again! There are always jobs on the providers’ job boards that mystery shoppers are passing over. Perhaps the assignment is in an out of the way location, or maybe it’s at a less than desirable retailer. The pay may be low, or the expense reimbursement may be close to nil. The good news is that where there is an assignment that has been sitting for awhile, there usually is a scheduler desperate to make a deal to get the assignment done.

Think about what it would take to make that assignment attractive to you. Maybe some travel pay or a higher expense reimbursement would do the trick. Contact the scheduler and make a proposal for you to complete the assignment on your terms. The worst that can happen is you are turned down, but you look like a good mystery shopper for offering. If the scheduler takes you up on your deal, if you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket!

Take A Road Trip! An assignment doesn’t have to be in a remote or rural location for you to request travel pay. Perhaps there is a job 30 or 40 miles down the interstate – a job that you normally would pass over because it would be a 2-3 hour adventure for you to complete the on-site visit when you account for travel time. Take a look at the jobs a little outside your normal shopping range, and think about requesting travel reimbursement for them.

You can also consider taking multiple assignments either in that same out-of-the-way area, or otherwise en route, so you can make the most of your time and travel costs.

Something Out Of The Ordinary. If you’ve been mystery shopping for even a few months, you’ve likely found the type of assignments  you like and those that  you don’t like. The good thing about mystery shopping is that you can pick and choose the assignments you want to do. So if you don’t like to mystery shop at grocery stores, there’s no need for you to ever take on that assignment.

Yet, as with most everything, there is an “except.” It today’s trying times when you are trying to scrimp and save every penny, it’s worth giving these less desirable jobs a second look. Keep in mind that mystery shopping is a “job” after all, and a job can’t always be fun and exciting. If you want to make the most money you can as a mystery shopper, sometimes you will have to step outside of your comfort zone and take an assignment that may not be your favorite.

There are ways to make more money mystery shopping if you give something a new try – whether it’s a new location, a new type of assignment, or even approaching your scheduler for extra pay.