Time Management Tips for Mystery Shoppers

Time is one of those things in life that you just never seem to have enough of. If you are a mystery shopper, the ability to find more time in your day may help you to complete an extra assignment or two regularly. While a single assignment may not be worth much money, being able to complete extra assignments on a regular basis can really increase your earning power as a mystery shopper. So just how can you improve your time management skills and find more time in your day? Here are some ideas:

Personal Time Management

A great way to free up more time in your day to work on more assignments is to look at how you spend your personal time. You can consider time management efforts such as running errands while commuting back and forth to work, or working altered hours at your day job so you don’t have to spend as much time in traffic. You can also enlist help at home so you have more free time for mystery shopping. For instance, you can recruit your spouse, kids or roommate to handle a few more of the household chores that you currently do so you can have an extra hour or two during the day to complete assignments. You can also consider turning off the TV in the evening hours and head out for a mystery shopping assignment before you call it a day.

Mystery Shopping Throughout the Day

If you are like most people, you have periods of time throughout your day when you do have some downtime. During these times, you may be able to sneak in a quick mystery shopping assignment with proper planning. You can consider picking up an assignment during your lunch hour at work, while the kids are at their after school practices or other activities, or even on the way to or from work, too. For those who don’t have a job they commute back and forth to, you may be able to combine your mystery shopping assignments with errands you have to do. For instance, you can get all of your grocery shopping for the week done while you are doing a mystery shopping assignment at the grocery store. You can often combine personal errands and mystery shopping assignments with other types of assignments like gas station assignments, retail clothing store assignments, and general merchandise store assignments.

Combine Work and Play

Of course, no mystery shopper wants to work so hard that they don’t enjoy living, too. There are some fun assignments that you can choose to work on from time to time that allow you to earn money while letting loose a bit. You can look for assignments at movie theaters, at bars and nightclubs, at restaurants, and other such venues. Bring a friend or family member along on these assignments for extra enjoyment while earning money.

Most mystery shoppers can find time in their day to work on at least one or two extra mystery shopping assignments. Through improved time management, you can earn more money than you are now. Or you can mystery shop more efficiently so that you continue earning the same amount but have more free time to enjoy off the job.