Three Steps to Boost Your Mystery Shopping Income

Every mystery shopper would love to find a way to make more money with less time and effort spent working. After all, while you could pick up more assignments to boost your income, this would mean spending more time away from family and friends. Finding a way to boost your income without increasing your work hours would be ideal. How can you accomplish this? Here are three steps that you can follow to boost your income.


Raise Your Mystery Shopper Rating

As a first step, consider what your mystery shopper rating is. Unless it is a 10, you may be missing out on the opportunity to work on higher paying assignments simply because of your rating. Mystery shopping assignments are offered to shoppers through most providers via a rating system, and with some providers, you may not even have the opportunity to see the better assignments if your rating is too low. For many mystery shoppers, their report writing skills are preventing them from reaching a level 10. Consider what is holding you back, or ask your provider for feedback. Then, take time to raise your level by improving your skills. This can open up new opportunities for you that may be more lucrative.


Use Your Expense Reimbursements

If you are like many mystery shoppers, you think of your expense reimbursements as money that is paying you back from a purchase you had to make. Many assignments do require you to make a small purchase, and they compensate you for that purchase. Some mystery shoppers will make a random, haphazard purchase for their required purchase. They may, for example, may a candy bar at a gas station assignment or yet another coffee mug at a novelty store. Rather than buy items that you really don’t need and may not even want, however, you can put these required purchases to better use. In fact, when you buy a gallon of milk or a box of cereal at your gas station assignment, your expense reimbursement will pay you back for a necessity. After all, you may never have intended to buy a candy bar, but your home may be fresh out of cereal and milk for tomorrow’s breakfast. By using your expense reimbursements in this way, you can use the reimbursements as a form of income that pays for your actual budgetary expenses rather than to compensate you for a nonsensical purchase.


Write off Your Deductions


You can also make sure that you are writing off all of the deductions possible. If you are not familiar with self-employed business deductions, take time to learn more about these deductions through your online research. You can also schedule an appointment with an accountant for personalized advice and guidance. Deductions directly reduce your tax liability at the end of the year, so the more deductions you have, the more money you get to keep in your hands. In this way, finding and taking advantage of more deductions is like boosting your income.

You can work harder and take on more assignments to boost your income. On the other hand, you could also follow these three tips to boost your income more easily!