Summertime Money Saving Tips for the Mystery Shopper

If you are a budget-minded mystery shopper, as many mystery shoppers are, you no doubt have a little bit of fear and trepidation over what the summer months will do to your pocketbook. There are, of course, summer clothes and shoes that need to be bought for your family, plans for a summer getaway or even a full vacation, family picnics and barbecues, high cooling bills, and so much more, and these and other things can certainly put a big dent in your bank account this summer. Luckily, though, your job as a mystery shopper can help you to keep more of your money in your hands this summer! Here are some hot, money-saving tips that can help you out:

Outfit Your Whole Crew. The fact is there is a lot of gear to buy for sometime fun! Whether you need flip flops and beach towels for a getaway to the coast, a new picnic basket for staying closer to home, some great new shades to keep the sun’s glare off your eyes, or anything else, you can use your mystery shopping assignments to make those purchases far more affordable. You simply have to be selective about which retail-type assignments you choose. It’s a great idea to make a list of what you need to buy for your summertime fun, and then look for assignments that offer expense reimbursements at stores that carry the things you need rather than vice versa.

Stock Your Fridge (or Cooler). It’s not a surprise that the cost of food is going up, and this sure can put a pinch on your summer fun. Yet when you make plans to regularly pick up at least one or two grocery store assignments each week, you can really stock your fridge, your cooler, your picnic basket, and everything else with great treats and drinks for family, entertaining friends, and more. These are great assignments that can help you to make it affordable to entertain with a backyard barbecue, head to the beach with a cooler of fruit and sandwiches, or even give the kids plenty of munchies while they are off school for the summer, too.

Load Up Your Car. For many people, summer months are a time to hit the road, taking in new sights and enjoying new experiences while the weather is warm. Fueling your car, though, can put a crimp in your plans for travel. However, as a mystery shopper, you can pick up gas station assignments not just in your own hometown but wherever you may travel, too. These can help you to get reimbursed for a few gallons of gas here and there, and this can make those fun summer outings more affordable for you!

Whether you have big vacation plans this summer or have plans to enjoy a mellow summer relaxing closer to home, you can have a blast without spending a fortune when you put some of these money saving tips to use for you. These are some of the great perks of being a mystery shopper!