Strategies for Working Mystery Shopping Into Your Busy Holiday Schedule

From now through the beginning of the new year, most people’s calendar is booked pretty solid. While there are a handful of mystery shoppers who make mystery shopping their full-time job, most mystery shoppers use assignments as a way to pick up extra cash in their free time. During busy times, such as the current holiday season, most mystery shoppers will be tempted to put mystery shopping on hold until their schedules calm down in the new year. If you need the cash from mystery shopping and cannot afford to take a break even when your calendar is crammed with holiday activities, here are some ways you can keep working as a mystery shopper this holiday season.

Make Your Shopping Trips Count. Most people will need to head out to local stores numerous times this holiday season to do some personal shopping to find gifts for family and friends. You don’t need to plan a special shopping trip out, though, because you can pick up your personal gifts while you are out working on mystery shopping assignments. If you keep your eyes open while you are working on your site visits, you may just be able to pick up an item or two that is covered by your expense reimbursements, too!

Far From Home. The good thing about mystery shopping during the holidays is that you can absolutely take the job with you wherever you go. You can find assignments most large and mid-sized cities with ease, and you likely can find an assignment or two to complete at the airports you will travel to, too! Working while you are traveling is a great way to make your travel time en route to your destination pass more quickly, and it also provides you with the perfect break that gives you a little downtime from visiting with family and friends while you are away from home.

Last Minute Assignments. If you need to pick up some extra assignments for the cash but have very limited time available to work, don’t overlook the benefits that last minute assignments can provide. When you pick up a last minute assignment at the urgent request of a mystery shopping provider, you likely can negotiate extra pay in the form of travel pay, bonus pay, and more. By picking up several last minute assignments, you will find that you can make more money with less time and effort involved. This is just perfect for making money this holiday season when your time is limited.

The stresses of the holidays can really weigh you down, and one of the biggest contributing factors to holiday stress is schedule overload. If you absolutely need to work this holiday season, use some of these ideas to help you make completing assignments easier and even more lucrative for you. If you feel like you absolutely need to take a break from mystery shopping for a few weeks, the good thing about mystery shopping is that you can always pick right back up with new assignments at any time that is convenient for you!