Strategies for Picking Restaurant Assignments You Will Love

Mystery shoppers love to get out in the world and interact with other people while earning extra cash shopping, dining out, and more. While mystery shoppers generally agree that they have great jobs, many disagree on just how great mystery shopping assignments at restaurants are. Some people love them, and others refuse to ever do another restaurant assignment again. As with many things in life, there are some things you can do to find great restaurants assignments that you will love doing. Before you swear off doing these assignments again, here are some tips to keep in mind that may help you find a few assignments you will enjoy working:

Table for Two. Some restaurant assignments require you to perform the site visit, and this means that you have to dine alone. Many people find mealtime to be a social activity, and so dining alone is simply not comfortable or enjoyable. If you prefer to dine in the company of a spouse, friends, or family, be sure that you read through the requirements carefully before you submit your request for the job. There are quite a few assignments that will allow you to bring someone along on the site visit with you. Some even require that you bring a dining buddy along!

What’s On the Menu? If you find an assignment for a restaurant that you are not familiar with, head to the restaurant’s website and take a look at the menu. Most restaurants do post their menus online. This will give you the opportunity to see first if the menu has any items you will enjoy eating. However, it also gives you a chance to compare the prices of the menu items against the expense reimbursement. The last thing you want to do is sign up for an assignment with a $5 reimbursement and realize that the cheapest entree on the menu is $25! This being said, you should also read the assignment requirements carefully to see just what type of purchase is required at the restaurant. Some assignments require you to get the full dining experience with a drink from the bar, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert, too.

Make a Day of It. If you  have a busy day planned, whether with mystery shopping or a day of other non-work-related activities, a restaurant assignment is a great way to squeeze in some extra money-making activities. After all, you have to eat, so why not make some money in the process? You will find that doing assignments that are located close to where you plan to be on a given day offer you the benefit of convenience, and this can add to your enjoyment of doing the assignment.

There are a wide variety of restaurant assignments on most days, and these assignments range from ordering a pizza in the comfort of your living room to fast food and even fine dining experiences, too. You can truly find a few assignments that you will love working on if you take the time and keep these tips in mind.