Staying Warm While Working: Hot Tips for Mystery Shoppers

During certain times of the year, we are mystery shoppers certainly feel like the luckiest working adults out there. On those warm, sunny days, being able to get out and enjoy the weather, see the sights, and interact with happy, cheerful people while earning a living is truly wonderful. Yet in the winter months, the weather is dreary and even at times miserable with hazardous road conditions. Days like this certainly can make you re-think your job choice as you might long to work in a warm, cozy office sitting at a desk and drinking a cup of hot coffee on such days!

Of course, those cold, miserable days of winter soon will pass, and in the meantime there are some ways that you can stay warm and toasty while continuing to earn a living as a mystery shopper:

Head to the Mall. When there are wintry weather conditions outside such as freezing rain, sleet, snow, high winds, and so forth, the last thing you want to do is to hop in your car between assignments. In most cases, you do have to drive somewhere to get to work, so to speak, and so why not head to a location where you can get all of your work for the day done in one spot? Consider finding assignments at your local shopping malls or retail chain locations to complete on the same day. When this isn’t possible, consider finding assignments close to each other. After all, if you can’t get all of your assignments done in one spot, driving only a mile or two between locations is the next best thing!

Stay Home. There are a number of assignments that you can do from home. Often such assignments are phone assignments, and so the compensation isn’t the best for these. Yet they do give you a way to work in your pajamas close to the fire and with a cup of hot coffee in hand! Consider assignments for pizza or other delivery restaurants, banks, and credit card companies, to name just a few.

Grab a Cup of Joe. If you know you are going to be out and about working on cold days, why not pick up a fast food or coffee shop assignment so that you can pick up a warm beverage to enjoy on the road while you are working? If you aren’t a coffee drinker, most of these venues do serve other warm drinks like hot tea, hot cocoa, and more, too!

Safety First. One thing you do want to keep in mind if you are venturing outdoors regularly during these cold winter months, and especially if you will be battling traffic, busy parking lots, and other hazards, is to keep safety in mind. Be sure that you always have a charged cell phone on hand, and keep a blanket and first aid or road safety kit in the car, too.

While cold winter months can stretch across many months in some locations, the winter is thankfully short-lived in other locations. Regardless of how long or short the winters are where you live, these tips can help you get through those cold days while earning money as a mystery shopper.