Spice Up Your Home This Fall with Seasonal Mystery Shopping Assignments

The fall months mark the end of the long “dog days” of summer. After months of hot and often humid weather that much of the country experiences during the summer months, many mystery shoppers eagerly anticipate the improved weather conditions that come with fall months. As soon as that first fall cold front arrives and crisp, cool air filters into your area, you may wholeheartedly embrace the changes that fall brings. Just as the weather outside is changing, you also can be making a few adjustments with your mystery shopping jobs. The hot weather of summer may have driven to accept only indoor assignments that could be completed in the air conditioning. Now, however, is the perfect time to spice up your life with fun, seasonal assignments.

Lawn and Gardening Assignments

First, consider some of the many assignments that you can select at lawn and gardening stories. These may range from local nurseries to big box home improvement or general merchandise stores with a lawn and garden section. Pay particular attention to those assignments that are located in a store with an outdoor area. These will allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather while you work and earn a paycheck! You can use your expense reimbursement to spruce up your home’s exterior with seasonal fall blooms, fall decorative features like scarecrows and fall-themed wreaths and more.

Home Décor Assignments

While some mystery shopping assignments can be used to add some fall spice to your home’s exterior, you don’t want to overlook your home’s interior décor. Some of these same stores as well as other interior décor stores may feature a wide range of seasonal fall-themed décor that you can purchase. These items may have a Halloween theme, a Thanksgiving theme or a general fall theme to them. You can consider fall floor mats for the kitchen, a table runner for the dining table, decorative pieces for the kitchen and bathroom and more.

Grocery Assignments

Fall may be the perfect time to spruce up your home’s interior and exterior décor with your expense reimbursements on mystery shopping assignments, and it is also the perfect time to get in the kitchen and start cooking and baking! The heat of the summer may have kept you out of the kitchen for the last few months, but many people love to bake treats like cookies, apple pie, chicken pot pie, roasts and more during the cooler months of the year. You can even try out a few new recipes now that you may use later over the winter holidays. If you love to bake and are inspired by the cooler weather to do so, why not pick up a grocery store assignment or two and use those expense reimbursements to purchase the ingredients you need?

The fall months do indeed bring big changes with the weather as well as with your lifestyle and home décor. Your expense reimbursements can be used creatively to help you enjoy the fall months more fully and more affordably this year!