Spice Up Mystery Shopping With Hot Seasonal Assignments

There are so many benefits associated with adding the spice of variety to your mystery shopping work day. When you take on different types of mystery shopping assignments on a regular basis, you will benefit from gaining new work experiences, making more money in your job, decreasing the risk of being identified as a mystery shopper and so much more. However, while there are many benefits associate with adding variety to your mystery shopping work day, actually finding new and existing mystery shopping assignments to take on can be more of a challenge. However, the fact is that each new season brings with it new and exciting opportunities.


Summer Months

During the hottest days of summer, you  may be able to find some of the coolest assignments. Consider that some attractions and venues are only open during the summer months. These may be privately owned, for-profit swimming pools and splash pads, certain golf courses, seasonal outdoor furniture stores and more. In addition, you may also find that there is an increased demand for certain types unique assignments like ice cream shop assignments, university and college assignments and more.


Winter Months

Likewise, you can find some pretty cool winter assignments that are sure to help you stave off the chill of winter in fun ways. For example, you can find seasonal holiday store assignments, movie theater checks that allow you to catch winter blockbuster hits while working, coffee shop assignments that can help you stay warm on cold days, and more. Keep in mind that you can also take on different assignments that you don’t normally do in order to buy holiday gifts for others with the expense reimbursements. For example, if you normally wouldn’t take on a nick knack store or a lingerie store, you may consider using these assignments during the winter months to buy holiday gifts for special people in your life.


Transitional Seasons

In many parts of the country, the transitional seasons of spring and fall provide for absolutely fabulous weather. These seasons don’t typically feature unique seasonal assignments, but the great weather makes certain types of assignments ideal. For example, crisp fall days and warm spring days may be ideal for taking on a restaurant assignment that features patio seating. These months may also be ideal for taking on car dealership assignments that let you work outside, out-of-town assignments that let you travel down beautiful stretches of highway to get to your assignments and more.


It can indeed be difficult to find new and different assignments to work regularly. However, when you make an effort to look for assignments fitting of the season, you may take a step toward ensuring that you are constantly looking for different types of assignments to work on. Keep in mind that if you cannot find great assignments with one provider, there are always plenty of other providers that you can  choose to work with and that may provide you with a better selection of assignments that you can choose from.