Should You Take A Holiday Break From Mystery Shopping?

The holidays are a busy time of year. Most people choose to spend a significant amount of time during the holidays either hosting family or friends at home or heading out of town to visit with loved ones. With just a quick glance of your calendar during the busy holiday season, you may think that you have no choice but to take a break from mystery shopping this holiday season. Yet with the added costs of the holidays, you likely also are in need of some extra cash to cover the expenses of the season. The good news is that there are ways you can work mystery shopping into your busy mystery shopping plans.

Traveling Out Of Town. Think about the last holiday trip you made. Likely there was a lot of town time in between scheduled family get-togethers. Likely, there was also quite a bit of downtime where you were twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the next planned activity. This downtime is the perfect time to head out for a quick mystery shopping site visit. A word of advice, however – check ahead of time with your holiday host for the rough itinerary of activities and plans so you don’t double-book yourself.

Holiday Plans At Home. If you are hosting family or friends at your house, you can also get some mystery shopping done. Your family and friends no doubt miss you and want to spend a lot of time with you, but everyone needs some alone time. This is especially true for an extended visit. You can likely schedule a mystery shopping assignment or two while your visitors are in from out of town without any issues. If you think they may like to come along, by all means invite them, provided the assignment requirements don’t specifically prohibit visitors.

If your visitors plan to be in town for just a few days, it may be better to take a short break from mystery shopping and get all of your visiting time in with your guests.

Other Factors. The holidays are a strange time of year. You are struck with the paradox of needing more cash while being in a time crunch with all of the holiday plans. Chances are, either the cash crunch or the time crunch is more of a factor for you. If you find you are short on cash this holiday season, then keep shopping. Some mystery shoppers take a break from mystery shopping during the holidays, so you may find that you can get your hands on additional assignments and pick up even more cash. On the other hand, if you feel the stresses of the season weighing down on you, don’t hesitate to take a break. You can pick right back up with mystery shopping after this busy season has passed and get the new year started off with a few new assignments.

The holidays are a time for enjoying the friendly company of your loved ones, whether that be at home or out of town. Many mystery shoppers find that they can enjoy time with loved ones while still continuing to mystery shop. But if you need to take a break to fully enjoy the holidays, do so without guilt!