Should Mystery Shoppers Always Tell the Truth?

s manager likely is aware of what is going on in his life as well. Also, keep in mind that everyone has something going on in their lives, and they are still required to act professionally to customers. While some compassion is OK, there is a minimum threshold that an employee should meet. While you may want to protect the individual, the store’s reputation for serving its customers should also be a factor worth considering.

A Simple Resolution

So what can you do when you are faced with this kind of dilemma? You should avoid lying, but you can downplay the significance of certain events. If the employee really took ten minutes to greet you when he should have greeted you within 30 seconds, this is a fact that should indeed be reported. However, if he was on the phone or assisting others, this could be mentioned. You can also state the facts as they happened, but when asked to give your opinion, you can downplay the importance of one event and focus on areas where the employee excelled. Sure, he may have made you wait for 10 minutes, but he was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable when he did talk to you.

You are obligated to tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dwell on certain aspects of the site visit more than others. If you feel that the employee overall deserved a good report, then report the facts, but make sure that your report is positive in nature.