Save Money On Your Thanksgiving Dinner With a Grocery Store Shop

Thanksgiving dinner can be an expensive time for families. And with the holidays coming up right behind the big turkey day feast, you are likely already pinching pennies to save up for gifts for your loved ones. Regardless of if you are hosting the full dinner or just volunteered to bake the pies for a dinner at someone else’s house, you likely will be buying at least a few extra things from the grocery store this month. These extra things can add up quickly on your final grocery bill, especially if you are in charge of several items on the turkey day table. Luckily, mystery shopping gives you an edge on your Thanksgiving dinner bill.

A Wide Variety Of Shops Assignments. First, make use of the wide variety of mystery shop assignments available. The most obvious assignment to help you cover your Thanksgiving day grocery bill is the grocery store assignment. The good thing about grocery store assignments is that there are so many grocery stores out there that it’s not hard to pick up one of these assignments quickly. They may not pay terribly well in most cases, but the pay will definitely cover a few extra items you may need to buy. Consider covering a rural grocery store assignment to make some extra money (and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage on your drive into the country!)

The next best thing to a grocery store shop is an assignment at a Super Target, Super Walmart, or even a dollar, bulk, or discount store. You can pick up necessary food and even decorative items at these locations – and get reimbursed for your time and efforts.

If you need to buy quite a few items for Thanksgiving, you can also consider buying your required five or ten items with one assignment, and then turning around buying another five or ten required items with another assignment. It’s a little more driving, but if you plan your assignments strategically, you can likely get both assignments relatively close to each other, possibly even on the same day. This will help you make up the difference with the typical lower pay on these types of assignments.

Killing Two Turkey Birds. You have to be at the grocery store, or other related stores, to buy Thanksgiving items. Maybe it’s festive holiday plates, a bag of chips and dip, or more expensive items likes the floral centerpiece for the table, beer or wine, or possibly even a 20- pound turkey. With grocery store assignments, and even some of the assignments at the related stores, you have to visit at least several departments in the store – if not all of them. You are already going to be walking through the whole store and fighting the crowds to get all of the items you need, so it’s not an inconvenience to make the required checks as you visit each department.

It absolutely makes sense to pick up a grocery store assignment this month to cover some of your grocery tab and pay for your time spent at the store. So make your grocery list and check your job boards for a grocery store assignment or two this Thanksgiving season!