Save Money At The Tank With Gas Station Assignments

Mystery shoppers spend a lot of time in the car, driving across town and even out of town to pick up assignments. While you can write off your business miles traveled on your tax return, a tax write-off does little to help put cash in your pocket to fill up your tank. Luckily, mystery shoppers can pick up assignments at gas stations that can help to making filling up your gas tank more affordable. Here’s what you need to know about gas station mystery shopping assignments:

Compensation. There are gas stations on many street corners in large cities and even small towns, so it’s no surprise that there are also a lot of mystery shopping assignments for gas stations hitting the job boards. The compensation on these assignments is generally low, but many will offer an expense reimbursement worth at least a few gallons of gas. For instance, you may be able to pick up $5-10 as shop pay plus another $5-$10 for an expense reimbursement fairly easily. With a total compensation of $10-$20 on an assignment that pays you to fill up your gas tank, this assignment is a no-brainer! Just be sure to come to the assignment with at least a half-empty fuel tank so you can take full advantage of the expense reimbursement. Also, to make your expense reimbursement really stretch to help your personal budget, skip the candies, chips, and sodas inside and use the full expense reimbursement to go towards filling your tank.

Job Requirements. This type of assignment is generally not too difficult. Typically, the assignment involves checking the cleanliness and maintenance of the property on the interior and exterior. You likely will have to enter the gas station and interact with the attendant working the cash register. You likely will have to enter the restroom and make a note its cleanliness. On the few occasions when  you aren’t required to enter the building, be sure to print out your receipt at the gas pump when the pump display prompts you so that you can get your expense reimbursed.

In addition, many of the gas station assignments require you to take photos of the property from various angles. Pulling this off without being noticed by the attendant on duty can sometimes be tricky. The trick to not being noticed taking photos is to visit the gas station at peak traffic times, such as at rush hour or during the midday lunch rush. If more cars and people are filling the gas station grounds, you likely will not be as easily noticed as you snap your photos. Also, make use of the various areas customers may visit to capture photos of the property from various angles, such as the water and air filling area, the fuel pumps, and the car wash area. You can also snap some photos from the side of the property where the attendant cannot see you as well as from the property next door.

For mystery shoppers on a budget, gas station assignments are a great way to get a part of your work expense reimbursed. Plus, with these assignments easy to pick up on your way to or from another assignment, they are a perfect way get some extra cash in your pocket while you are already out and about!