Romantic Mystery Shopping Ideas: Make Your Summer Sizzle with These Hot Assignments

Mystery shopping during the hot summer months can really be a drag. After all, you have to get in and out of your hot car numerous times a day, spend time traveling in the heat of the day, and more. While you may be thinking about ways to cool off this summer, these warm months are a great time to really heat things up with some romantic mystery shopping assignments. You can make your summer really sizzle with some of these hot ideas:

An Evening Out. There is nothing quite as romantic as spending a summer evening with your special someone out on the town. You can get all dressed up and really hit the town, all the while making some bucks as a mystery shopper. Look for some great  restaurant assignments at more upscale or distinguished restaurants that you don’t normally frequent or that you have never been to before for an exceptional evening out. Then consider adding to your fine night out with another assignment at a movie theater, an upscale lounge, or even a nice coffee and dessert shop. These are wonderful assignments that can make it far more affordable to enjoy a nice evening out with your special someone without paying an arm and a leg for it.

An Overnight Affair. You can really heat up the summer with a romantic overnight trip when you find a hotel assignment. You can look for a hotel assignment in your hometown or in another area where you two can spend time exploring and creating fabulous new memories together. Consider finding hotel assignments in major urban areas for a more cosmopolitan experience or in more rural or rustic settings for a more intimate getaway. If you are planning an overnight outing, you can look for some other great assignments such like restaurants, golf course or theme park assignments, and so on that will help you to add some couples-oriented fun to your getaway. An affordable getaway for two is just what the two of you need to add some spice to your summer.

At Home. Sometimes it doesn’t take a big night out or a fancy overnight getaway to enjoy some affordable romance from your mystery shopping assignments. Consider using some of your mystery shopping assignments to create a romantic evening at home. You can find assignments that will reimburse you for everything from flowers and romantic music to candles, groceries for a home-cooked meal, and even lingerie, too! Whatever your idea of romance at home is, you can likely find more than a few assignments that will help you to create that perfect evening at home.

The possibilities for affordable romance through your mystery shopping assignments are nearly endless. You simply have to scour the job boards with romance in mind and find a few assignments that you and your loved one can do together. This is the perfect way to enjoy some special time together without paying a fortune on dates, meals, and more. Consider adding some of these assignments to your upcoming assignments so you can make your summer sizzle!