Qualities to Look For in Your Mystery Shopping Provider

If you are looking for a few new mystery shopping providers to work with, you are not alone. Many people are looking for new mystery shopping providers in an effort to locate a greater number of assignments and earn more money in their job. Others have the desire to stop working with some providers who they have a poor relationship with, and their hope is to develop a more professional, beneficial relationship with other mystery shopping providers. Whatever your reasons are for looking for a new provider today, there are a few key qualities you should keep your eyes open for.


Numerous Jobs In Your Area

With most providers, you are not able to view their job boards until after you have signed up to work with them. So it can seemingly be difficult to determine which providers offer many jobs in your area and which do not. It can take some time to apply to work for even a single provider, and you certainly don’t want to spend your valuable time doing so until you know they will offer you a great selection of jobs. You can consider posting a question on the mystery shopping forum to learn more about the different locations of the country where different providers are strong or active in. This can give you a lot of insight that you can put to use.


A Solid Reputation

Another factor to consider is if the provider has a solid reputation for professionalism and being ethical. You can spend time reviewing previous posts from mystery shoppers online to determine the types of experiences other mystery shoppers have had with different providers. Avoid letting one sour post dissuade you. Instead, look for a recurring theme or trend in the posts. Pay attention to the companies that many mystery shoppers enjoy working with and why they enjoy working with them.


Rapid Payment

Mystery shopping can be a fun job, but most mystery shoppers are not working for the fun of it. If you are like most, you are working to earn money. You don’t want to wait long weeks and months to get paid for your time and effort on assignments. Some mystery shopping providers have a lengthy history of paying their mystery shoppers very slowly, and others have proven time and again that they have a sound payment process established that can help mystery shoppers get paid relatively quickly. The industry unfortunately hasn’t yet evolve to the point of providing mystery shoppers with same day or next day payment, but that doesn’t mean it should take you months to get paid.


The online mystery shopping forums are your best tools to use when researching different providers. You can learn a great deal about different providers by simply reading through posts others have already made. If you need additional information that you cannot find in other posts, simply create a new thread and raise the question to the group. With just a little effort on your part and the assistance of online forums, you can easily find a few great providers to work with.