Mystery Shopping Assignments That Will Help You Keep Warm in Chilly Weather

Your house is the perfect place to keep warm on the chilliest of winter days, but the winter doldrums can really bring you down if you stay in your house all the time. You can get out of your house during cold, icy, and snowy days without getting cold, and make some money in the process when you include some of these mystery shopping assignments in your winter work plans.

Warm Your Belly. You can warm up in a big way on the coldest of winter days with a bowl of warm soup, a cup of hot coffee or tea, or another warm treat with a mystery shopping assignment at a coffee shop, snack shop, or restaurant. You can find assignments available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on almost every day or the week in major metro areas, and several can usually be found in less populated areas as well. There are also a fair number of assignments at bars and nightclubs that often reimburse you for drink purchases, giving you a great way to warm your belly on cold winter nights.

Warm Your Heart. There is no better way to spend a cold winter day or evening than snuggling up next to someone you love. You can treat your special someone to a memorable afternoon or evening out on the town and still make a few bucks in the process by working on a great combination of mystery shopping assignments. Consider an evening filled with movie theater checks, dessert and coffee at a charming restaurant, and more. Or plan a fun-filled afternoon with covert shopping assignments at the mall followed by a dinner on the town. When you plan your mystery shopping assignments well, you can share your fun assignments with your loved one while you earn some money on the side. This is a great way to get out of the house and share warm memories with a loved one without emptying your wallet in the process.

Warm Your Hands (and Feet, and….) Some of the most common mystery shopping assignments on the job boards are those for retail shops. Most of these assignments will reimburse you for purchases, and you can pick up everything from hot tea and cocoa at grocery stores to cozy socks, gloves, hats, and more at clothing stores. You can also get your expenses reimbursed on space heaters, electric blankets, slippers, sweaters, and other warm and cozy items. These great assignments give you a great chance to get out of the house on cold days and earn some much needed cash, and then return home to enjoy your new purchases that will keep you warm and cozy after your assignment is complete.

Each of these great ideas present you with a great opportunity to earn some cash while beating the winter doldrums with fun mystery shopping assignments. On your next visit to the job boards, keep these ideas in mind, and choose assignments that will keep you warm and line your wallet with cash!