Mid-Year Organizational Tips for Mystery Shoppers

If you are like most mystery shoppers, you normally use the transitional time around New Year’s Day to take stock of your mystery shopping career and to clean house. The transitional period from one year to the next requires you to separate work-related documents for tax purposes, so this is often a prime time when cleaning and organizing your work area is in order. However, somewhere between January and today, your work area may have turned into a state of chaos and clutter. Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, and these efforts can help to keep your organized through the end of the year.


Update Accounting Files

If you are the type of mystery shopper who likes to accumulate stacks of receipts and mystery shopping paperwork throughout the year without organizing it in some fashion, you know exactly what kind of tax situation nightmare this can create for you at the end of the year. Why not use a few hours of your free time today to sort through these papers, input receipts in your accounting files as needed, and file them away? This will not only save you from having to deal with a complete tax nightmare at the end of the year, but it can also clear away much of the clutter that is on your desk today


Review Your Filing System

Many mystery shoppers simply roll over their filing system from one year to the next. If you are like other mystery shoppers, you may have “to be completed” and a “to be filed” file folders sitting on your desk. However, the paperwork in these files may not be in the right place, or your file folders may simply be overflowing with papers. By reviewing your filing system today, you may be able to create a filing system that is more suitable for your needs. For example, you can add a “to be paid” file folder or some other similar folder to ensure that all of your papers are in a suitable location and can more easily be found as needed.


Add Organization To Your Car

As a mystery shopper, you probably spend many of your work hours driving around in your car. Even the most organized of mystery shoppers may benefit from adding a few organizational features to this space. For example, consider adding a file folder between the front seats and console of your car for easy access to paperwork you need during the day. This can be an accordion-style file folder so that you can keep the papers more organized and ensure nothing gets lost. Create a space for your mileage log, pens, camera and other gear that you may need during the day. Your car really is a primary workspace when you are a mystery shopper, so attention should be paid to organizing it as such.


Mystery shopping can be stressful, but when you take steps to better organize your various work spaces today, you can sail through the rest of the work year with minimized stress and hassle.