Maximize the Fun of Mystery Shopping With These 3 Tips

When you think about working, words like “dull” and “boring” may quickly come to mind. For many mystery shoppers, their first few weeks or even months as a mystery shopper were anything but dull and boring. This is a job that can take you to new places each day and that can provide you with new experiences with each assignment that you complete. However, over time, even completing your mystery shopping assignments may begin to be monotonous and dull. How can you add some more fun to your mystery shopping assignments? Here are a few ideas.

Buy Yourself Something Special

If you are the type of mystery shopper who always does the responsible thing, then you may never use your mystery shopping expense reimbursement to buy yourself items. Instead, you may look for responsible assignments that capitalize on the benefits of an expense reimbursement, such as grocery store or gas station assignments. However, why don’t you think about buying yourself a new pair of shoes with a retail store assignment, splurging on a pedicure with a spa or salon assignment or doing something else to treat yourself. You don’t have to do this all of the time, but when you make an effort to splurge every once in a while, you may be surprised at how much more enjoyable and even exciting your assignments can be.

Get Out of Character

Many people do the same types of mystery shopping assignments because those assignments are more in line with their personality or lifestyle. For example, if your day job is in a professional work environment, you may feel comfortable doing coffee shop assignments on your way to work in the morning. However, why not break out of character every once in a while and try something new. For example, if you normally drive practical cars, why don’t you look for an assignment that takes you to test drive luxury cars?

A Night Out

Another wonderful way to make mystery shopping more fun is to treat yourself to a working night out. It can be a challenge to find assignments that take you to bars, nightclubs and even nice restaurants, but if you can find them, you should take advantage of them whenever possible. When they are not available, you can still treat yourself to a night out by looking for restaurant and movie theater assignments. Be sure to bring a friend or someone special with you to complete these assignments, and you can truly have a great time and get reimbursed for your fun.

While mystery shopping may not be like other job options available to you, it nonetheless can become just as monotonous and boring to do as other types of jobs are if you don’t make an effort to spice things up. Put some of these fun tips to use today as you peruse the job boards to add fun to your work week, and be sure to keep looking for these and other fun assignment ideas to keep the fun in your mystery shopping job.