Making Gas Station Assignments Work for You

As a mystery shopper, you no doubt put many miles on your car over the course of a day or a week. These miles traveled for business purposes may be tax deductible, but the rising cost of gas may nonetheless be eating into your profits as a mystery shopper. Gas station mystery shopping assignments may be strategically put to use to make filling up your tank more affordable.

Free Gas

What mystery shopper would pass up on the opportunity to fill up his or her gas tank for free? In many parts of the country, a gallon of gas currently is over $4 per gallon. Even with a fuel efficient car like a compact or hybrid car, filling up your gas tank is getting increasingly expensive. Many gas station mystery shopping assignments provide you with an expense reimbursement on a gas purchase. Not every gas station assignment is this way, however, so you do want to read the fine print. Nobody wants to take on a mystery shopping assignment and then realize after the fact that store merchandise has to be purchased instead of gas.

A Weekly Affair

Whether you are a full-time mystery shopper or you only pick up a couple of assignments per week, you no doubt fill up your gas tank on a regular basis. Gas station assignments can be used to their maximum benefit when you complete them on a regular basis. It’s great to get $10 in free gas, but it’s even better to get $10 in free gas at four different gas stations over the course of a week. It’s best when you can repeat this on a regular basis by regularly picking up gas station assignments on a weekly basis. After all, if you have to buy it and your provider wants to compensate you for the purchase, why not take advantage of such a great offer?

En Route

In addition to getting free gas, one of the great things about a gas station mystery shopping assignment is that you can deduct your mileage to the gas station and back. These assignments can really make your time on the road more affordable. However, they are most effectively used when the location of the assignments are strategically chosen. After all, it is one thing to drive ten miles in one direction only to do a gas station assignment. It is far more beneficial to pick up that assignment while en route to another location.

Driving is getting more costly every day, but as a mystery shopper, you simply have to be on the road driving around in order to make money. Every mystery shopper who drives to mystery shopping assignments should take advantage of the free gas offered by some gas station assignments. More than that, however, mystery shoppers who really want to cut down on their mystery shopping overhead and take advantage of the benefits gas station assignments provide will plan to pick up gas station assignments on a regular basis. These assignments essentially can top your tank off for free!