Making Big Bucks By Picking Up Last Minute Assignments

Mystery shoppers are always looking for ways to make more money. Since the time mystery shoppers have available to work on assignments is limited, making more money inevitably means getting paid more money for assignments. One easy way that some mystery shoppers have found to get paid more money on assignments is to pick up last minute assignments. Many mystery shopping providers are willing to pay a premium to mystery shoppers with the flexibility and ability to get an assignment completed when time is running down to the wire.

Think Of It Like Overtime Pay. If you are having a good month, your mystery shopping schedule is already booked pretty solid. You have planned your assignment just right so you are working just enough each day to keep you busy, and working any more would probably be an inconvenience for you and cause some cramped time-lines in other areas of your life.

With other jobs, you can make more money (typically “time and a half”) by picking up an extra shift or working late one evening. Mystery shopping is no different. If you have the ability and the desire to work a little longer one day by picking up an extra assignments, your efforts will likely be well-compensated. Most providers will tack on “bonus pay” or some other financial incentive for you to complete an assignment at the last minute. Often, the mystery shopping provider will be in a pinch to get the assignment completed right away, so often the amount of bonus pay is negotiable. Often, you can expect the bonus pay on an assignment to come close to doubling the original offer of compensation. On top of that, you may be able to get additional compensation to cover travel expenses.

When You Just Can’t Work Another Minute. One of the benefits of mystery shopping that draws people to the job is the flexible schedule, and what this means is that many mystery shoppers simply cannot or do not want to work more than set number of hours each week. You can still get more money for your mystery shopping efforts simply by leaving some time in your work schedule to accommodate last minute requests. This way, you won’t be scheduled to complete a $10 assignment when you could be making $30 on another assignment.

This is a tricky proposition, however. Most mystery shoppers will agree that it’s better to be working on a $10 assignment than to hold out for a $30 assignment that may never come along. If this is your concern, it may be worth your while to gauge how often last minute assignments pop up in your area. Also, if an assignment is scheduled to be completed on a Tuesday, and your next availability to work on a mystery shopping is not until Thursday, you can discuss this with the scheduler and see if the date is flexible. Chances are, you and the scheduler can come to an agreement that suits both of you and still puts some extra cash in your pocket.

Take advantage of these last minute assignments to put some extra cash in your pocket!