Make Some Extra Cash On Your Summer Vacation By Mystery Shopping

Summer vacations are a time to kick back and relax. Making great memories with friends and family on summer vacation can get to be a costly venture, but mystery shopping can help to make your summer vacation more affordable. Wherever you are planning to spend your summer vacation,  you can likely find some great mystery shopping assignments that you can include in your plans, giving you a fun way to make some extra cash while you are on vacation.

Amusement Parks. Almost every major city has at least a few amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks. Consider looking at smaller parks as well as the big name theme parks. Your family can have just as much fun at Big Bob’s Water Park as at the national theme park chains, so keep your eyes open for ways to make money at sizes and kinds of parks in or near your vacation destination.

Movie Theaters. Movie theater checks are available just about everywhere! You may have relaxing visions of kicking back on the beach while you are on vacation, but eventually you will have to come in out of the sun. And there is no better way to beat the summer heat than by checking out the latest summer blockbuster with a movie theater check!

Resorts and Hotels. Mystery shopping assignments at resorts and hotels may be a little hard to come by, but once you’ve found one, your efforts will be well-rewarded. These assignments generally will cover much (if not all) of your lodging expenses for the time dictated in the assignment. If you can find one of these assignments in or close to your vacation destination, you can end up saving some serious cash on your vacation!

Restaurants. Everyone has to eat, and while you are away from home you may not know which restaurants to visit. Make the decision easy for yourself by picking up a few restaurant assignments at your vacation destination. Restaurant assignments are an easy way to pick up cash doing something you need to do anyway – eat!

Airport Assignments. If you will be flying to your vacation destination, consider picking up an assignment at the airports you are departing from, arriving at, and have layovers in. Assignments at airports run the gamut from restaurants and bars, retail shops, parking garages, and more. Airport assignments are a great way to make money at the beginning and end of your vacation.

Logistics. Working away from home will take a little bit of effort on  your part. With most providers requiring you to submit your report on assignments within 12-24 hours, you likely will have to file reports, scan receipts, and so forth away from home. Be sure you will have access to a computer, scanner, digital camera, and any other equipment you may need before you accept any assignments.

Whether you are heading to the east coast, the west coast, or somewhere in between this summer, you can make some serious cash on your vacation simply by picking up a few assignments while you are away from home!